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    Sulawesi (Celebes)  Indonesia

Lat 2° 0' 0S Long 121° 0' 0E  Sulawesi is part of the Sunda Islands, located between Borneo to the northwest and the Molucca Islands (Maluku) to the east. Sulawesi includes several peninsulas: Minahassa Peninsula that forms the northernmost arm, East Peninsula and the South Peninsula and Southeast Peninsula. Borders the Celebes Sea to the north, Molucca Sea to the east, Gulf of Tomini, Banda Sea to the southeast and the Makassar Strait to the west. Named Celebes Island by the Portuguese, and known by this name prewar and during the Pacific War. Today, known as Sulawesi.

Wartime History
Occupied by the Japanese during January 1942. Attacked by Allied aircraft during the war. Bypassed by Allied ground forces, the area was occupied by the Japanese for the duration of the war.

    North Sulawesi Province
Manado (Menado)   Borders Menado Bay
Mapanget   Borders Menado Bay
Mount Tongkoko   Volcano near the eastern tip of the Minahassa Peninsula
Kalkas (Kakas)   Located on the southern shore of Lae Tondano
Bitung   Located on the eastern tip of Sulawesi bordering Lembeh Strait
Langoan (Langoon, Longoan)   Small island to the east of Sulawesi
Lembeh Island (Lahbeh)   Small island to the east of Sulawesi
Lembeh Strait (Lahbeh Strait)   Separates Sulawesi and Lembeh Island (Lahbeh)
Sidate   Located on the northern coast of the Minahassa Peninsula
  Located between Morotai and Mindanao
    Gorontalo Province
Gorontalo   Provincial capital located on the southern coast of Minahassa Peninsula
    Central Sulawesi Province
Ambesia   Located on the Minahassa Peninsula on the southern coast
Togian Islands (Togean)   Located in the Gulf of Tomini
    West Sulawesi Province
Mamuju   Provincial capital located on the west coast Celebes Island
    South Sulawesi Province
Makassar (Makasser)   Located on the south peninsula of Celebes Island
Makassar Strait   Located on the south peninsula of Celebes Island
Limboeng (Limbung, Limboeng 1)   Located at the tip of the south peninsula of Celebes Island
Aloe (Allu, Alloe, Alu, Aloe)   Located at the tip of the south peninsula of Celebes Island
    South East Sulawesi Province
Kendari   Located on the southeast peninsula of Celebes Island.

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