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    Federated States of Micronesia (Caroline Islands)  

Islands of the western Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines. Formally know as the Caroline Islands. Some important dates in Micronesian history were 1899 Germans assume administration after Spanish-American War. In 1914, the Japanese assume control during WWI. 1945 Occupied by American Forces after WWII, 1947 Trust Territory created by United States.

The country’s area equals 271 square miles. A Compact of Free Association, effective since 1986 provides for full self-government but delegates responsibility for defense to the United States. The United Nations Security Council dissolved the trusteeship in 1990, and the United Nations admitted the country in 1991. The Federal States of Micronesia comprise the islands states of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Truk and Yap.

 Japanese occupied with several airfields.
 Island near Yap
 Japanese occupied until the end of the war
 located to the south of Woleai
 located to the west of Woleai
 located to the southwest of Woleai
 Atoll (Yap Province)
 Major Allied base and staging area
  Anchorage off Ulithi Kaiten Attack Nov 20, 1944
  Fleet recreation area that could accommodate
 Developted by the U. S. into a major base.
 Base with massive movie theater and recreational facilities

Truk Lagoon

  Japanese Naval anchorage, and sunken ships.
  Airfields, restored Japanese houses and base
  Once the Fleet HQ
  Japanese fighter airstrip and headquarters
  4th Naval Communications Corps
 Japanese aircraft graveyard along the beach.
  Small island, RDF Radio Direction Finder Station
 Engineering and troops of 43rd and 48th Naval Guard forces
  4th Naval Construction and civilians stationed
  Two shielded coastal defense guns
  Heavily forested with two large guns
 Two shielded 5.9 inch guns and a command post
 Defense guns emplaced here
 Guns in revetted emplacements, command post.
 There were two shielded 5.9 inch guns in emplacements.
 Defense guns emplaced here
 Site of the never completed fighter airstrip
 Nine of these islands were fortified during the war.
 Small island with wreckage of US fighter
  Atoll and Japanese base
  Atoll and Japanese base
Several airfields and installations
 Ponape's main town and wartime airfield
Capital of Federated States of Micronesia
 Area to the SW of Ponape Island
 Island to the SE of Ponape, Nan Madol ruins
 Island north of Ponape, connected by causeway.
 Island with seaplane base
 Island to the west of Langar, heavily bombed
  Small atoll to the south of the province
  Southernmost atoll in the country
  Largest island in Kapingamarangi Atoll

Kosrae (Kusaie)

 Several installations and wrecks

Lelu Island (Lellu)

 Island off Lelu Harbor on Kosrae Island

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