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    China (People's Republic of China)  

China was at war with Japan since the 1930's. The strategic costal areas were occupied by the Japanese. Manchuria (Manchukuo) is a northern province. Borders the South China Sea.

   Northern China
 Occupied by Japan after the Manchurian Incident 1931
 Coastal city in Northern China
 Capital of the People's Republic of China
    Szechuan Province
 Developed as a forward base for B-29s
    Guangdong Province
 Coastal city and capital
    Jiangsu Province
 Capital of Kuomintang, occupied by Japanese
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  British surrender on December 25, 1941 to Japanese
    Yunnan Province
  Only major city unoccupied by the Japanese
    Jiangxi Province
  Capital of the province Second Sino-Japanese battle
  Located on the Yangtze, northwestern Jiangxi Province
     Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
 Located at the northeast of the province
 Located 100 miles south of Kweilin
    Hubei Province
  includes three cities Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang
  includes three cities Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang
  located on the southeastern bank of the Yangtze River
    Hainan Province
  Occupied by the Japanese in 1939
    Republic of China (Taiwan)
  Occupied by the Japanese for the duration of WWII
    Shanghai Province
  Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River

Post war
Nationalist flew captured Japanese aircraft.  Also, the Communist were given captured Japanese equipment by the Russians, against the terms of the Japanese surrender. Without their own pilots, the Communists used former Japanese and Manchukuoans to fly with their Air Force. Former Japanese planes served with both air forces into the late 1940s and possibly early 1950s.

Lanchow Airfield
Prewar airfield

Ling Ling Airfield (Lingling, Yungchow)
Wartime airfield

Nanking Airfield (Ming Foo Kung, Tachiaochang, Daiko)
Wartime airfield

Hengyang Airfield (Heng Yang)
Wartime airfield

Mong Yu (Mong-Yu)
Junction of the Ledo Road and the "old" Burma Road. During the war, this road was improved by the US Army, to link and complete the road spanning from Ledo to China.

During the middle of November 1944, Tushan was briefly occupied by Japanese troops. Prior to their arrival, a large Allied ammunition dump was destroyed prior to the Japanese arrival by an American OSS party.

Tushan Airfield
Wartime airfield

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