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    Burma (Myanmar)  

Burma, today known as Myanmar borders the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea to the west and south. Prewar, part of the British Empire, known as Burma. To the southwest and west borders Bangladesh and India. To the north borders China and east Laos and Thailand.

Wartime History
At the start of the Pacific War, the Allies wanted to hold Burma to allow a road to be built from India to China, to keep supplies flowing to the Chinese. During 1942 the Japanese invaded Burma, forcing British and American forces to withdraw to India. During March 7-9, 1942 the Japanese occupied Rangoon.

On August 1, 1943 occupying Japan declared Burma independent as the State of Burma with a puppet government led by Ba Maw. In response nationalist leaders formed the Anti-Fascist Organization in August 1944 to ask Britain for support.

The Japanese had ambitious engineering plans in Burma, using POW and local labor to complete their own rail Thai-Burma railroad. At the height of the war, the Japanese had 85,000 troops in Burma. By the end of the war, the majority had been killed in battle and died of disease and starvation. During early May 1945, Rangoon was liberated by the British Army and Indian Army.

With Burma occupied by the Japanese, American aircraft were forced to fly over the Himalaya Mountains "The Hump" to reach China while engineers worked to construct the Burma Road, one of the world's greatest engineering projects completed in early 1945 that linked India to China by road.

  Naypyidaw Union Territory
  Capital of Myanmar
  Yangon Region (Rangoon Region)
  Former capital city, occupied by the Japanese 1942-45
  Detained roughly 600 Allied Prisoners Of War during WWII
  Township located in the northern most part of Rangoon
  City located to the north of Rangoon
  Sagaing Division
  Landing zones White City, Blackpool and Broadway
  Shan State
  Start of the Burma Road linking Burma to China
  Rakhine State
  Located on the west coast near the border with India
  Located southeast of Akyab
  Mandalay Region
  Located in central Burma
  Located in central Burma
  Bago Region
  City north of Rangoon in the Bago Region
  City southeast Burma
  Kachin State
Putao (Fort Hertz)
  Located in northern Burma. Airfield and radio beacon
  Located in northern Burma. Airfield and radio beacon
  Located in northern Burma. Airfield and radio beacon

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