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    Bougainville Province (Autonomous Region of Bougainville)  Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Bougainville Island and the surrounding islands are part of Bougainville Province, located at the northern end of the Solomon Islands. Bougainville Province encompasses Bougainville Island plus surrounding islands and atolls. Prewar and during World War II, Bougainville was considered part of the "North Solomons" or "Northern Solomons".

Wartime History
During early 1942 Japanese forces landed on Bougainville and developed the island into a base area. Long term occupation plans included resettling Japanese civilians to a planned settlement "Little Tokyo". On November 1, 1943 American forces landed at Torokina on the western coast, Relieved by the Australian Army, fighting continued until September 1945. Of the 80,000 Japanese troops, only 23,000 survived to be taken prisoner. About 20,000 were KIA and 37,000 died in the jungle from disease and starvation.

After 1988-1992 "Bougainville Crisis" Bougainville Province was renamed Autonomous Region of Bougainville but remains part of Papua New Guinea (PNG). To the north borders New Ireland Province and to the northwest New Britain Province. To the south is the international border with Solomon Islands and Western Province.

  Buka Island

Buka Island

  Island to the north of Bougainville

Buka (Buka Town)

  Located on southern Buka, Chinatown and Buka Airfield

Buka Passage

  Separates Buka and Bougainville
  Sohano Island
  Island between Bougainville and Buka
  Northern Bougainville
  Japanese airfield on northern Bougainville
  Northeast corner of the island
  Northwest corner of the island
  Partially developed Japanese airfield
  Australian amphibious landing repulsed
  Eastern Bougainville
  Airfield on eastern Bougainville coast
  Town on eastern Bougainville
  Village at the center of the island
  Japanese tank on the western side of road
  Initial Japanese landing memorial
  Harbor at Kieta
  Town located on the eastern coast of Bougainville
    Southern Bougainville


  Mission located on the southwest coast of Bougainville


  Located on the southern coast of Bougainville

Kangu Hill (Mount Buin)

  High ground to the north of Kangu

Malabeta Hill (Malabita)

  Located inland from Kangu


  Airfield memorials and tanks
  Japanese airfield known as Buin or Kahili
  Harbor off Kahili
  Located to the north of Buin, Kara Airfield
  Located on the southwest coast of Bougainville
  Located to the east of Kara
  Located on the southern side of the island
  Prewar Catholic mission, Japanese occupied until June 1945
  Located on SW Bougainville coast.
  Inland village nearest to Admiral Yamamoto G4M1 Betty
  Located on East Point at the southeastern corner Bougainville
  Located on the souther coast of Bougainville between Kangua and Buin
    Southern Bougainville offshore islands
  Small island off southern Bougainville
  Small island off southern Bougainville
  Small island off southeastern Bougainville
  Small island off southeastern Bougainville
Oema Island
  Small island off southeastern Bougainville
Taurato Island
  Small island off southeastern Bougainville
  Western Bougainville & offshore islands
  Site of American landing at Torokina
  American landing and airfield construction
  Small island in Empress Augusta Bay
  Island in Empress Augusta Bay
  Allied airfield complex
  Australian staging point against Japanese
  Active volcano at the center of Bougainville
 Inland village located near the northwest coast of Bougainville
  Located on the southwest coast of Bougainville
 Four tanks at this location
  Green Island Atoll
  Small atoll located to the northwest of Buka
  Site of a large Allied airfield complex in Green Island Atoll
  Second largest island in Green Island Atoll
  Nuguria Island Atoll
  Small atoll located to the north of Bougainville

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