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Wartime History
Australia entered World War II when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. She sent soldiers to fight in Europe and the Middle East. At the start of the Pacific War, Japanese forces threatened her own coast. During the war, Australian cities were attacked by Japanese air raids and submarines operated off the coast.

Australia was responsible for the naval defense of an area known as the Australian Station which embraced the mainland of Australia and islands to the north and east of the continent and the surrounding seas. It also extended westward from the coast for some 1500 miles into the Indian Ocean. There were attacks on shipping by both Germany and Japan within the Australian waters. Australian soldiers, sailors and airmen were crucial in the victories in New Guinea, and the invasion of Borneo at the end of the war. American forces were based in Australia and staged through the country on there way to Pacific battlefields.

  RAAF Beaufort crash site
  Southeastern state of Australia
  Southern state of Australia
  Darwin and northern portion of Australia
  Eastern coast of Australia including ofshore islands
  Capital city Canberra
  Western state of Australia
  Tasmania is located to the southeast of the mainland
  Located 200 miles south of Java

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