Jean-Claude Tranape  SBD-III Crash Site

This is the wreckage of an SBD-III lost on a training mission.

After one hour of walk, we arrive on the site of the crash and find the engine of the plane. I do not know if this plane is known or unknown. But on the map that I have, it was not situated.
An other view of the engine. We find only on engine and we though it was a hunter plane. Far away, we found a wheel at position S17°32,101 E168°14,107. We think that the trees catch the wheel first, just before the crash of the plane, because the wheel are far away from the other parts of the plane.
The place of the crash covered a great area. The plane exploded in many small scrap of metal. Behind, you can see one of the 6 machines gun 12.7mm. The position is S 17°32,126 E168°14,146
We are near the helix. Jerome investigated a bullet. You can see an other machine gun and full up bullets on the ground.

Four .50 caliber machine guns
Bomb Shackle
Bomb Shackel ID Plate
We found a curious part in stainless, a kind of handle
It was a bomb shackle
These bullet were not use. You can see "L C 42" at the back. Many hundred of these were on the ground.
Part of the American Star marking on a part of the plane.
Probably, it the rest of the cockpit of the pilot.
We were near the tail. Camille show us, the "hook" that help the plane to landing on the aircraft carrier.
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