Nicolas Duprey New Caledonia

Recent travels in New Caledonia in the year 2002.
  Ouen Toro Costal Guns Fortifications
A bunker in is located 90° from the first, it is all in concrete, and recover by the ground, the only access is a wood door. it is the one that we thought that we found underground under it, we try to make holes in the concrete, but we only found the ground, do you know what the technics used by the ingeneers who built that things? You can see Flo in the interrior views, note the light he hold, it was dark inside, but I have a good flash.Inside the bunkers are inscriptions that I saw with Michael, in december 01, the 2nd inscription is located at the right of the first, they are located on a gun emplacement down the top one (that you have already in photo), there is an other emplacement next this one but both are with out theirs guns. For the photo i re-write them with a white pen.
Here are some photos about two little bunker which are on the sea side of the moutain, at few meters from the main road but completlly lost in the jungle A little bunker with a metal roof, and a concrete floor and walls, which is located 50m down the gun you have already in photo, at 5 meters down the main road, but completly under the tree's leaf.

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