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Walt Deas
Diver, Photographer & Videographer

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(l to r) Bill Hall, Alec Black
with a rebreather,
Walt Deas & David Dye
at Ardmair Bay 195.

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Lionel Aitken & Walt Deas

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The Bomber Reef

Walt Deas has been diving since 1950 when he dove with a Navy Oxygen rebreather, until the aqualung became available. In 1953, he was a founder member of the first scuba diving club in Scotland (Dundee). After moving to Australia, he became an internationally famous underwater photographer film maker and author.

Early Days of Diving & Move to Australia
We were a very keen group interested in the underwater and because of shortage of equipment and money made a great deal of our early equipment.

Shooting and producing award winning documentaries, and working with stars like David Attenborough

Wreck Diving
Walt has dove wrecks world wide from recent and WWII history to the HMS Pandora wrecked in 1791

Research Methodologies
Today with the power of the Internet, research is much easier, yet it is not always the main answer.

The Bomber Reef
This new documentary explores the history of Papua New Guinea, and the wartime history of the 38th Bombardment Group, 405th Bombardment Squadron, and the complete story of B-25D "Green Dragon" 41-30118 that ditched from combat damage and remains intact as an underwater wreck.

In memory: Walt Deas passed away unexpectedly in May 2008

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May 22, 2017

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