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World War II in the Pacific and Korean War Veterans
Pacific Wrecks interviews with veterans of World War II in the Pacific and the Korean War including US Army, US Army Air Force, US Air Force, US Navy, British, Civilians and Japanese. If you would like to be profiled or interviewed, contact us.

United KingdomU. S. Army (USA)
Herman J. Bottcher  32nd Division fought at Buna with distinction, killed in the Philippines.
William Buckner  24th Infantry Division - While stationed in Kyushu, Japan Buckner visited the wreck of a B-25.
Robert G. Bryant  43rd Division, 169th Infantry - Fighting on Russell and Rendova.
Edwin Fitchett  165th Field Artillery Battalion service in the Philippines and Japan.
Martin M. Friedman  31st Infantry Division, 155th Infantry Regiment, Rifle company commander I - Dutch New Guinea, Philippines.
Bill McLaughin  Americal Division on Guadalcanal.
Robert Petersen  photos from Biak campaign.
James A. Pounds  593rd Boat & Shore Regiment - New Guinea, Philippines & Borneo.
William Sabel  350th Engineer Service Regiment at Kolombangara Island.
Walter Seale  871st Airborne Engineers - Airfield construction in New Guinea and the Philippines.
Glenn Shankle  158th RCT at Sarmi, Noemfoor and Luzon.
Roger Sykes  491st Port Battalion - based at Oro Bay, returned to New Guinea in the 1970s.
Carl R. Thien  201st Counter Intelligence Corps - Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines.
Jorge Torralba  Filipino Memories of December 8, 1941 aid to General Kruger after liberation.
George Walden  Service in Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea and the Philippines.
George Watson  29th Quartermaster Regiment - Medal of Honor, posthumously 1997.
Frank Widay  892th Chemical Company service in Oro Bay, Biak, Manila using chemical weapons: phosphorous, napalm.

United KingdomU. S. Army Air Force (USAAF) / U. S. Air Force (USAF)
Carlos E. Dannacher  5th AF, 35th FG, 40th FS "I may be the only guy who put a P-39 down on the Wau strip and lived to tell about it".
Jack Heyn  5th AF, 3rd BG, photographic section. interview from Pearl Harbor through V-J Day
Jim Houston  5th AF, 22nd BG service in Australia, and flying the B-26 in training and combat.
John P. Henebry  5th AF, 3rd BG C.O. nicknamed "Jock" who flew 219 combat missions
William Myers  5th AF, Japan Occupation Force "part of my job was to disarm the hundreds of planes left by the Japanese"
William Smith  5th AF, 38th BG, 71st BS Kavieng and rescued by Nate Gordon
Steele T. Griswold  5th AF, 8th FG, 36th FS P-38 Lightning pilot, two credited victories
Eric Kyro  5th AF, 35th FG, 41st FS P-39 Airacobra pilot dive bombing shaggy ridge
Richard DeBaugh  5th AF, 35th FG, 41st FS P-47 Thunderbolt pilot recollections of New Guinea and Gusap
James Hilburn  5th AF, 35th FG, 41st FS recollections about war in New Guinea served
George P. Gaffney  5th AF, 35th FG, 41st FS P-47 pilot MIA March 11, 1944, crash site discovered and remains recovered
John L. Fabale  5th AF, 345th BG, 501st BS B-25 pilot crash landed in jungle and escape
Victor Grimes  5th AF, 5th Bomber Command service in Australia and New Guinea
Harry Nelson  5th AF, 22nd BG 408th BS B-26 Missions to Timor and returning to search for target of his mission
Earle W. Painter 13th Air Force, 307th BG, 371st BS B-24 ball turret gunner, Final Flight Of The "Rum Dum"
Richard E. Smith  5th Air Force, 35th Fighter Group, 39th Fighter Squadron  P-38 / P-47, 7 victory ace
Richard Oliver  5th AF, 7th BG tells the story of two crashed on the "23rd" in Hawaii and New Guinea
Ed Hambleton  5th AF, 312th BG A-20 pilot service in New Guinea and the Philippines.
Joel Thorvaldson  5th AF, 49th FG, 8th FS P-40 pilot survived crash near Lae, served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam
John O'Neill  5th AF, 49th FG P-38 Lightning eight victory ace by son John O'Neill
Godron Manuel  5th AF, 43rd BG, 64th BS bombardier shot down & rescued from behind enemy lines
Carl H. Silber  5th AF, 8th FG adjutant crashed on Hinchinbrook Island in Queensland, Australia by don Carl H. Silber, Jr.
Gustave M. Heiss  5th AF, 3rd BG B-25 pilot crew member during the daring Royce Mission by nephew Gus Breymann
Eliot R. Young  5th AF, 312th BG A-20 Havoc pilot crash landing Bountiful Island off Queensland by son Eliot R. Young, Jr.
Jose Holguin  5th AF, 43rd BG navigator shot down over Rabaul, POW, searched for his father's plane in 1980s
John Dunbar  5th AF, 35th FG, 39th FS P-38 Lightning pilot, 151 combat missions in New Guinea
Robert Giesige  5th AF, 27th Air Depot Group service record in New Guinea, Biak and Japan
Math L. English  B-25 pilot MIA by great-nephew Jeff English
Edwards Park  5th AF, 35th FG, 41st FS P-39 Airacobra pilot and author of two books on his experiences
SSgt George Prezioso  5th AF, 43rd BG, 63rd BS radio operator also service with 317th TCG, 39th TCS
Richard C. Suehr  5th AF, 35th FG, 39th FS P-38 Lightning pilot two tours in New Guinea and Philippines
Grant G. Mahony  5th AF pilot in Philippines, Java, CBI
Randall B. Keator  5th AF, 20th FG and 49th FG P-40 Warhawk pilot in Philippines and New Guinea
William O. Carter, Jr.  5th AF, 348th FG, 311th FS P-47 Thunderbolt pilot flew 190 by son William O. Cotter, III
2nd Lt. Edward G. Dickey  5th AF, 475th FG, 432nd FS P-38 Lightning pilot
Nelson D. Flack, Jr.  5th AF, 49th FG, 8th FS P-40 Warhawk pilot
Eugene Salternik  5th AF, 25th Liaison Squadron L-5 pilot in New Guinea and the Philippines
Richard H. Carmichael  5th AF, 19th BG commanding officer, B-17 pilot and 462nd BG B-29 pilot
Carl G. Planck, Jr.  5th AF, 49th FG, 9th FS P-38 Lightning pilot
Edward J. Czarnecki  5th AF, 475th FG, 431st FS P-38 Lightning pilot in New Guinea, escape and evasion

United KingdomU. S. Marine Corps (USMC)
Don Huebner  1st Marine Division, Australia, Goodenough, Finchafen, Cape Gloucester, Guad, Peleliu, Okinawa
Bill Coggin  1st Marines Guadalcanal recollections, friendly fire, Tenaru, raids.
Chris Merillat  Marine Correspondent, Guadalcanal journal entries and recollections
Ed Foley  1st Marines Guadalcanal Landing, Air raids combat and dogfights.
Bob Allan  28th Marines, Iwo Jima casualties and fighting
Aubrey Buser  Signal Corps, Guadalcanal recollections
Jack Morris  VMF-218 F4U Corsair pilot shot down and rescued by Catalina and reunited with his former aircraft in 1991
Howard Fuller  VMTB-131 ordnance & engineering
Ron Schneider  Battle of Bloody Ridge September 13-14, 1942 earned Navy Cross

United KingdomU. S. Navy (USN)
Nate Gordon  PBY Catalina pilot, rescued 15 airmen off Kavieng on February 11, 1944, Medal of Honor
John Richter  Corpsmen Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester with a 75mm gun
John A. Mair, Jr  USS Mississinewa sinking November 20, 1944 by a Kaiten submarine
Jack Clark  Lunga boat pool describes actions on Guadalcanal from his diary
Don Strating  USS Randolph, Japanese Kamikaze attack at Ulithi damaged carrier
William Strong  140th CB "SeaBees" service on Pitylou and Manus recollections

United KingdomRoyal Navy (RN)
Robert Fraser  crew member, HMS Electra who died in the sinking during the Battle of the Java Sea.

AustraliaAustralian Army (AIF)
Jack Wong Sue  Z Force inserted behind Japanese lines on Borneo to engage in Guerrilla warfare and report
Alan R. Gubbay  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
Thomas J. Barnes  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
Malcolm F. M. Weber  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
Spencer H. Walklate  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
Michael S. Hagger  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
John R. Chandler  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
Ronald E. Eagleton  Z Force Operation Cooper, Killed In Action
E. T. Dennis  Z Force, sole survivor of Operation Cooper who swam ashore

AustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
John G. Gorton  pilot survived four harrowing incidents during WWII, Australian Prime Minister
Sir Jack Brabham  No. 5 OTU post war racing champion

Martin Clemens  Guadalcanal Coastwatcher who evaded the Japanese and helped the USMC

AustraliaNew ZealandCivilians
Allan Champion  Resident Magistrate, Buna who witnessed Japanese landing and assisted B-17 crew
Merle Farland  Methodist Nurse assisted coastwatcher on Vella Lavella and Segi
Michael J. Leahy  "Mick" New Guinea Explorer and World War II career with RAAF

United StatesNew ZealandCorrespondents
Ken Coffman  Yank Photographer Drinking coffee at Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and New Guinea
George Silk Combat Photographer in the Battle of Buna. Later he worked for LIFE magazine in the United States

JapanImperial Japanese Navy (IJN)
Saburo Sakai  Japanese Navy Zero pilot with the Tainan Kokutai. Author of "Samurai" about his wartime experiences
Tsuneo Hitsuji  Shootout between H6K and B-17 Amazing account of action of combat off Guadalcanal
Zenji Abe  The Bombing of Dutch Harbor
Kenji Mitsui  Coastwatcher landed on Guadalcanal and evacuated
Keizo Kondo  701 Kokutai G3M2 Nell Pilot flying from Rabaul and Solomon Islands
Satoshi Yoshino  Chitose Kokutai / 4th Kokutai A5M4 Claude pilot
Shigetoshi Kudo  Tainan Kokutai J1N1 Irving pilot over Rabaul and the Solomon Islands

JapanImperial Japanese Army (IJA)
Kokichi Nishamura  144th Infantry Regiment on Kokoda Trail and Battle of Sanananda, returned to PNG to search for war dead.
Terushige Ishimoto  Interpreter Rabaul, Shortlands and Guadalcanal operations
Toshio Kojima  228th Infanty Regiment killed January 1943 on Hill 27 remains discovered

Byung Mook Chang  Korea-Japanese Division in New Guinea


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