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Papua New Guinea

Kodiak Alaska
Interesting collection of links about WWII in Alaska, including harbor defenses. Locations include: Fort Greely, Long Island, Naval Base Kodiak Alaska, Chiniak.

RAAF Database
Daniel Leahy's website on Australian aircraft history, wreck sites and information.

The Fortress on Mount Obree
A great series of pages written by Bruce Hoy, former curator of the Port Moresby Museum. There are lot of photographs to accompany his text.
Sitka's WWII Page
  Matthew Hunter's excellent site, the military has been present in Sitka for almost 100 years. Watch a slideshow of Makhnati Island during WWII and today!

Australia @ War
Peter Dunn's excellent website with WWII photos and information. Also, an excellent reference, WWII Military Airfields

Papua New Guinea
Latitude & Longitude

   Trying to find the location of a small village or town? This site has the coordinates of 19,172 towns and cities in Papua New Guinea.
Shemya Homepage
Excellent website covering the WWII history of this Alieutian Island
A-24-1 Catalina Pages
  Catalina wrecks in Darwin Harbour's East Arm.Great high resolution photos and history.
Kokoda Treks
  Treck and tours operator that does 10 day trecks across the track. Lots of great photos and report about the trip.
Alaskan Forts
Listing of fortifications, many built during WWII and history.
Marshall Islands

Locating O 16
  Great site about the Allied submarine O 16 which sank with almost all of her crew off Tioman island. A group of divers discovered the wreck and brings back an exhilarating set of photos. Link from Goh Keng Loon

Malaya Historical Group
Excellent site by Shaharom Ahmad, Sager Ahmad and Goh Keng Loon. Of particular interest is the information on the WWII wrecks they have investigated.

Bristol Brigand
  This website sells aviation art prints. Of interest to Pacific wreck enthusiest is the excellent page dedicated to the Lenngon wreck of the Bristol Brigand.

WWII Wreckage
Lenggong, Perak

  The discovery of a World War II bomber wreckage a few kilometers away from the village has further ensured that the hardship faced during war times would be permanently imprinted in the village's history. Link from Goh Keng Loon

WWII Sites in the
Marshall Islands

Listing of relics and their locations from the visitor's authority.

Island & Atoll Lisitng
  Names, area, population and number of islets of all the georgaphy of the Marshall Islands.

Sean Prizeman's EXCELLENT site about the fighting on Peleliu. Full of photographs, maps, and even some current pictures, this is bookmarking material for sure!

Truk (Chuuk)

Dive Trip to Chuuk
Excellent site by Matt Carey, full of his underwater photographs this is a great site.

Cactus Air Force
David Hanson's website about the Cactus Air Force. Lots of great photos and historical information.

Solomon Islands West to East
Savo & Guadalcanal present day photos

Guadalcanal Battle Sites Today
Peter Flahavin's excellent website with many photos and history.


The Burma Expedition
Chris James sent me this excellent link. This site deals with some MIA recoveries in Burma in 1996 and 1997 of Canadian servicemen.

Truk (Chuuk)

Fokker Floating Aircraft
(T-4a and C-11w) of the Netherlands Royal Naval Air Service (NRNAS) operated in World War II, sunk near the former NRNAS support base Lengkong in the river Brantas near Mojokerto in East-Java (Republik Indonesia).


Hawaii B-24 Wreckage
QuestMaster Online Museum and aircraft wreck.


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