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Japanese Light Cruiser Kuma Discovered - By Kevin Delany
RNZAF Hudson NZ2007 - Tim Jordan
Papuan Wreck Diary - John Douglas
Ki-61 Tonys on the Move to Wangaratta
Henry Mayer - Port Moresby's Micro History
Kevin Donahue - Saipan Travels
JPAC's work with New Guinea B-24 MIA
Washington State P-38 & SBD MIAs
USMC & USNR Dog Tags Found by John Laird
Media Reviews - Gusap 1944 DVD, Flight Manuals on CD, Seawolf DVDs
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1. EDITORIAL - Upcoming Events

Welcome to an overdue PacificWrecks update!  It has been a busy few months since the last update and there is plenty of new news to report.  Also, I had the good fortune to be able to travel to New Guinea again due to work and have just returned with plenty of new material I look forward to sharing in future updates.

This site is an non-profit, historical Website dedicated to the relics of WWII, and the veterans and stories associated with them.  As always, this website grows with the contributions of information and on a donation basis only. I would like to thank all of you who email with information, photographs and news, and the long time & new collaborators that make this site the internet's most comprehensive!

Yours in history,

Justin Taylan
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2.  DISCOVERIES & Wrecks

Japanese Light Cruiser Kuma Discovered
By Kevin Delany.  Sunk by HMS Tally-Ho off Malacca Strait off Penang, this Japanese Light cruiser was positively identified by divers from the MV Empress, making another major discovery to their already impressive list of ships they have found. Also, Kevin contributes photos from his past finds: De Ruyter and Java.

Lockheed Hudson Serial Number NZ2007
Research and photos by Tim Jordan. The sad legacy of an early war Hudson the crashed in New Zealand due to bad weather, and the wreckage still present to this day.

Papuan Wreck Diary
John Douglas' monthly report on wreck related discoveries and happenings in Papua New Guinea , and the longest running column on Pacific Wrecks.  Learn about new leads in Dumpu area. Murik Lakes and Port Moresby Gun Batteries. Douglas' self propelled work has resulted in dozens of finds and mysteries left to solve.

Click For Enlargment'Tonys' on the Move To Wangaratta
Two former Papua New Guinea Ki-61 Japanese fighters have arrived at Pacific Fighters Museum at Wangaratta.  One, is the famous 'Nuku' Tony that was perfectly intact behind Wewak, and displayed at the PNG Museum until July when it was sent to Australia for restoration.



Henry MayerHenry Mayer - Port Moresby's Micro History
Since the age of seven, Papua New Guinean, Henry Mayer has combed the hills and wartime areas of Port Moresby. His searches and interest in history has revealed an array of objects related to the American and Australian presence in Port Moresby during 1942-45. He has found dozens of buttons, dog tags, badges, insignia, coins, trench art and other objects that tell the story of the war on a micro level. I had the opportunity to meet and interview Mr. Mayer about his most interesting finds.

Click For EnlargementKevin Donahue - Saipan Travels
Kevin has traveled to several WWII locations, and shares photos from his trip to Saipan, and of the American Stuart, Japanese Type 97 and H8K Emily wreckage still on the island. He shares photos from his trip and experiences in the Marianas.


4.  MIA INVESTIGATIONS - New Guinea B-24 & Washington State

The American military JOINT POW/MIA ACCOUNTING COMMAND (JPAC) has completed several MIA investigations, previously reported on PacificWrecks. JPAC is the new organization for American MIAs, including the former CILHI (Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii).

Click For DetailsNew Guinea B-24 42-40475 MIA Site Investigations
A B-24 near Cape Ward Hunt in New Guinea was the focus of a complete MIA investigation in April 2004 that recovered the remains of the crew. Lost on an armed reconnaissance flight, its crew is finally coming home.

Washington State MIA Searches
Click For DetailsMost recently, a stateside mission to investigate an MIA Navy aircraft, and P-38E Crash Site discovered in 1998 by trekkers Chad Norris and Ben Lynch. Both of these wrecks are wartime losses. We wish the team the best of luck with these important cases, and look forward to more news about their WWII Pacific MIA work.  There are more than 78,000 American MIAs from World War II.


Returning Pacific Dog Tags
Several dog tags have been found in the Solomon Islands, are we are seeking the family members, or anyone with information, to allow these tags to be returned. Do you have a Pacific dog tag to return?  Contact Us to add it to the page. This is a free service to locate family members or owners and get them back their tags.

Click For EnlargementTwo Tags Found in Solomons
by Australian Army Major John Laird:
Robert Lincoln Cunnengham, 456192, T. 11/42 C, USMC
David Gordon, 616-49-99, T-3/43,USNR



5.  REVIEWS - Pacific WWII Related Books

View all WWII Pacific Book, Magazine and Video Reviews a comprehensive source for all the best Pacific related references and reading. Have a book related to WWII Pacific to recommend? Submit your review of Pacific WWII related books, videos or other publications. anything, new or an old from your bookshelf. All reviews are credited. . This month's update focuses on new DVDs and multimedia releases.

Gusap 1944 (DVD)
This DVD is film taken at Gusap Airfield, in New Guinea in late 1943 / 1944.  Presented in high quality digital format, released by RareAviation with a background soundtrack of musical accompaniment. Review by Justin Taylan.

Flight Manuals On CD
Are you fascinated by flight manuals of warbird aircraft?  These amazing documents are interesting to read or study, even to this day, but originals are hard to find, and very pricey, until... Flight Manuals on CD-ROM

SeaWolf Productions
Documentation of underwater shipwrecks on V-CDs, CD-Rom and DVD. Pacific Wrecks profiled include sunken ships at Bikini Atoll, including USS Anderson DD-411, and USS Apogon SS-308. Also, new products on the shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon are available too.


6.  Pacific Internet Links
Great links related to WWII Pacific, submitted by users of the Pacific Wreck Database site. Do you know of a good Pacific related website? Email the URL for inclusion in our comprehensive list of links!

Peter Flahavin's Guadalcanal Trip 2004
New photos and wartime sites on Guadalcanal

IJN Operating in the New Guinea Area
Excellent unit reference page on Peter Dunn's Australia at War website.

Seawolf Productions
Shipwreck photos from the Pacific, Bikini and Truk Thanks to Larry Roth for this link.

Air Force Historical Research Agency
USAAF unit listings, lineage, assignments, commanders and stations.

The Australians At War
Australian veteran interview project
Thanks for Phil Bradley for this link.

Gusap 1944 Film Footage
Footage of Gusap airbase from Steve Rhode's Rare Aviation website.

WWII Pacific Maps
Thanks to Daniel Leahy for this link.

SeaWolf Productions
Underwater Videography of Pacific Shipwrecks

Saipan Boonie Stomping
Thanks to Bruce Petty for this link

Virtual Truk Lagoon
Thanks to Jorma Oster for this link and amazing work of his website.

Corinthian Flying Boat Found in Darwin
Thanks to Phil Bradley for this link.

Japanese translations, research and library of data. Thank you to for this link

ThaiWreck Diver
Thanks to Steve Burton for this link

Saipan B-29
Website by veteran Lee Florence
73rd Wing, 499th BG, 878th Squadron

New Website from J-Aircraft on Japanese ships!

Japan-America Society
Webpage with information about some Japanese WWII related events in Southern California

Inner Space Photo Album
Thanks to Chris Jackson for this link. Dive photos from Coron and Bikini.

Back then Photos!
WWII photos from 345th BG from New Guinea, from the 500th BS association.

Air Combat at 20 Feet
Book about low-level strafers in the Pacific
Thanks to Walt Deas for this link.

AE1 |
MIA Australian submarine from WWI somewhere near Rabaul. Thanks to Daneil Leahy & John Douglas for these links.

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