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Happy New Year
Thank you for your visit to Pacific Wrecks during the past year. As 2011 comes to a close, I am proud to share a very special story with you, and appeal to users to make a donation to help our mission of preserving the history of the Pacific War. Stay tuned for many new surprises upcoming in 2012. Be sure to visit: | Facebook Pacific Wrecks | Twitter Pacific Wrecks

Yours in history,
Justin Taylan

Charlie Moore Dog Tag Returned
On Christmas, Pacific Wrecks helped to return a dog tag found in New Guinea to the grateful family of Charlie H. Moore. Learn about Moore's life, service with the 38th Bomb Group and the October 16, 1943 mission when he went missing in action (MIA) aboard B-25D "Lucky Star" 41-30183. His dog tag was either dropped or discarded at his home airfield.

Moore's dog tag was found by Henry Mayer at the airfield where his unit was based. In 2004, tag was listed on Pacific Wrecks in hopes of locating his family, who saw the page in November 2011. Free of charge, the dog tag was returned to his grandson, Seth Moore who gave the tag to his father, Chuck on Christmas morning.

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Pacific Ghosts 2012 Calender
We will be giving away fifteen copies of Phil Orr's Pacific Ghosts 2012 calendar to donors until the end of the year. Includes photographs from Guam, Tinian, Oahu, Corregidor and Palau.

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Charlie H. Moore
MIA October 16, 1943

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5th Air Force
38th Bomb Group
B-25D "Lucky Star"

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Moore dog tag returned

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