WWII Wrecks Worldwide

WW2 Battlefield Relics

This site's focus is on European battlefield. It has some interesting exhibits, and shows some of the relics being found in Europe and Eastern Europe related to WWII.

Northern Ireland Aircraft Crash Investigation Team Homepage
William Lindsay's website coveres the remains of all aircraft which have crashed whilst in military service.

ACIA Air Crash Investigation & Archaeology
Jim Corbett's excellent site about WWII wrecks in Southern Scotland to South Yorkshire

Southern Aviator - Greenland Society's P-38 Salvage
Todd Huvard's excellent article about the amazing salvage of a P-38 from the ice cap. Full of great photos and Indiana Jones style adventure, this is a true story of modern aviation archeology

Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team
Excellent page by Nick Wotherspoon. This site covers many interesting wreck sites in North and West England.

Military Aircraft Crashes in Queensland During WWII
Peter Dunn's definitive website on this topic. It is an excellent site: well organized, researched and full of interesting information. The site also has many other interesting sections off its main page including, Townsville at War, The Archerfield Quarry, Military Airfields in QLD during WWII And, a lot of other great links to WWII aviation history that he has researched. His site is the source for information about Queensland aviation and WWII history!

Air Wrecks in Africa
Excellent site with some interesting oral histories and recovery information. "Rommel was storming across Africa. The Mediterranean Sea was blocked . Flying supplies across the middle of Africa was the answer. Where airplanes fly there are wrecks. The site's author spent three years in Africa repairing and salvaging wrecks."

WWII Wrecks on the Kola Peninsula
The wrecks was found by Filipp Kuznetsov and friends in Apatity on the Kola Peninsula (NW corner of Russia) in the summer of 1996. Wrecks include: Ju-88 has been found at the Laplandsky zapovednik (Lapland nature park) by Alex Geljazov, a nature park guard. He-111 was found by Filipp Kuznetsov not far from his town (Kirovsk, Murmansk reg., Russia). For the last 50 years it has been destroyed by people.

Classic Warbirds
U.K.'s premiere warbird and restoration site

(NEEACR) North East England Aircraft Crash Research
Jim Corbett's excellent site. It is very comprehensive and well organized. There are many great pictures and a shockingly large number of UK wrecks that are just as impressive as ones in the Pacific.

Junkers Aircraft on Display Worldwide
See the link for the Junkers W34 in Alexishafen, New Guinea.

Panavia Tornado ZD809 Chash Site
Glyn Towers new site about this modern wreck, full of many incredible pictures of this RAF plane that crashed in October of 1999.

The Infamous Wreck Photo
Great site, contributed by Goh K. Loon

Lt. Harold G. Stalnaker
Thanks to Charlie Stalnaker, webpage about his uncle's MIA P-47 lost during the 'Battle of the Buldge", and his return to the United States for burial at Arlington in May 2004


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