Military Archeology Links

Malaya Historical Group
Excellent site by Shaharom Ahmad, Sager Ahmad and Goh Keng Loon. Of particular interest is the information on the WWII wrecks they have investigated.
The Bent Prop Project
Dr. Pat Scannon's new website about wrecks and aviation archeology in the Palau area.
Operation Recovery
Dan Seymour, a Mortuary Affairs Specialist for the US Army, and a Search and Recovery Team member at the US Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii (CILHI).
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery are full-time professional staff of researchers and supporters in the nonprofit organization's efforts to find, save, and preserve rare and historic aircraft.
Military Archaeology of Australasia and the Pacific
A review of past activities and a blueprint for the future
Pages by Dirk H.R. Spennemann at Charles Sturt University, Albury, Australia.
Aviation Archaeology
Tim Heck's page devoted to the subject Lots of great links to wrecks all over the world. Including P-38 in PNG. See "Better than Facts-or are they facts"
Aviation Heritage Management
Report about wreck preservation and importance today. Written by anthropologist and archaeologist.
Arizona Aviation Archeology
Trey Brandt's excellent site about the 300 aviation mishaps that happened in Arizona during the war. Details on an A-20, B-24H, B-25 and B-24D wrecks. All include wonderful current photographs. Well researched histories of the locations and crashes also.
Aviation Archaeology Investigation and Research
Excellent source for U.S. military aircraft accident reports and individual aircraft record history cards. Lots of photographs and information on identifying parts and pieces of airplanes.


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