'C' Heavy Battery (Bootless Bay Battery, Drysdale Ridge)

Australian Army

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Australian Army c1943

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Justin Taylan 2004

One of the Port Moresby Gun Batteries. Initially set up on the shores of Kila Bay, than moved to higher ground near Pari Village, and finally, to this permanent location. It overlooks Bootless Bay and Pyramid Point.  Also known as "Bootless Battery" or "Drysdale Ridge Battery". This battery had two gun batteries: No.1 Gun and No.2 Gun

This battery was built by Australian Army 'C' Battery that arrived in Port Moresby and were initially stationed at Kila Beach, and then on Stokes / Maata Ridge.  When these location proved unsuitable, this battery was relocated to a more permanent location, north of Kuri Beach on Drysdale Ridge overlooking Bootless Bay and Pyramid Point during September 1942.

During October 1942, construction of this battery was begun by Australian Army 'C' Battery. Two semi-permanent gun mounts for 155mm howitzers were built. On March 15, 1943 test shots were fired on the shipwreck SS Pruth. The Observation Post (O.P.) was located at Tarana / Pyramid Point.

Wartime History
Manned by 'C' Battery, the primary role of this gun was to protect Bootless Bay, with a secondary role of supporting the Paga Point Battery in defense of Baslisk Passage. This battery was never used against enemy targets. The guns were removed sometime after WWII, and the battery is abandoned today.

The 'Letter' Batteries for dates and information related to this battery. John Douglas' The Coastal Gun Batteries of Port Moresby - Then & Now

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