TBM/TBF Avengers ditched in sea, near Solomons

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TBM/TBF Avengers ditched in sea, near Solomons

Post by dodgeboys » Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:18 am

My name is Ward Dodge. My dad, Clarence, "Bus", Dodge spent most of his time in WWII with the USN in the South Pacific. He passed in 2008 at age 89 years old. Now I wish that I would have asked more questions, or I wish that he had been able to talk more about this time in his life. He was a radioman/gunner, officially rated ART1C. Spent time flying in SBD Dauntless, SB2C, SNJ, TBF / TBM Avengers. Units were CASU 7, CASU 50, & CASU 68. Dad spoke of spending time on the Hornet (not certain CV8 or CV12 ?), WASP, ENTERPRISE, & some Kaiser escort carriers. He mentioned also being at the Naval Air Stations (N.A.S.) Treasure Island, Whidbey Island, & Sand Point. He told a story about being in one of several Avengers that ran out of fuel and ditched in the sea somewhere in the Solomons. Several men were killed. He survived with a number of others after swimming to a small grassy island, then rescued after spending several weeks there. It would be a great bonus for me to find someone to assist in finding details of this event!

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Re: TBM/TBF Avengers ditched in sea, near Solomons

Post by PF » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:24 pm

USS Enterprize http://www.cvan-cvn-65.org/
USS Hornet/USS Wasp Association http://www.usshornetassn.com/

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