Okinawa Visit - Seeking Contacts

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Justin Taylan
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Okinawa Visit - Seeking Contacts

Post by Justin Taylan » Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:21 am

Dear friends,

I wanted to see if any readers were currently living or stationed on Okinawa. If so, would be interested to link up for coffee, or better yet to look at some history together. I will have an opportunity to visit Okinawa in March, the week of 13 - 20th.

It will be my first visit to Okinawa. I am planning an itinerary of activities and places to visit, naturally all related to WWII Pacific. In particular, I am hoping to visit all the wartime era airfields and major memorials.

Here is the information about Okinawa today collected to date, if anyone has any recommendations about sites to see or photos to share about past trips: ... inawa.html

Feel free to contact me -
- Justin Taylan
Founder & Director

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