"Japanese Aircraft Equipment 1940-1945"

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"Japanese Aircraft Equipment 1940-1945"

Post by Hue Miller » Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:51 pm

This large-format, profusely illustrated with color photos book will set you back around $70. It will be worth every penny. The chapters discuss instruments, avionics, cameras, weapons, bombsights, gunsights, and interior colors.

I was highly interested to see the chapter on radio and radar, as I have a special interest in WW2 Japanese aircraft radio; i own about 10 sets and hope eventually, when job involvement winds down, to restore some to operation and use them "on the air" for ham radio contacts.

As is usual with collector type books, one sees equipment that is better than one's own; recognizes equipment that one has the better example of; and both learns things and realizes that one could correct the author on some points. On the subject of instruments alone, there are 40 pages with excellent photos of various gauges and instruments.

If you are one of those whose pulse accelerates at the subject of combat-zone loot even decades after the wars, this is one gem of a book.

HIGHLY recommended! - Hue

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