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3rd Attack Group Book

Post by W.J.Swain » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:41 pm


A couple of the vets from the 3rd Attack Group were trying to pick up original copies of their book that was published in Australia back in 1944. With Originals running well over a hundred bucks, they tried a different track. Below is a letter from my good friend Jack Heyn, photographer for the 3rd back then.. If any are interested, please drop me a pm or contact Jack on the AAF website under the 3rd BG..


About six weeks ago a couple guys expressed an interest in being able to get original copies of the "Reaper's Harvest". With the help of Bruce Buchan we found that Halstead Press in Sydney had been the original printers. Back in '95 they had done an anniversary reprint of the 43rd Bomb Gp.'s book. They expressed an interest in doing ours and proceeded to come up with some prices. Apparently they have some of their printing done in Asian countries, so it has taken this long to get the job done.
The minimum number they will print is 200 books at $29.00 each and we would have to add $5.00 for shipping costs - total $34.00. I would have to send them my original for them to work from. When you consider the fact that original copies of the "Reaper's Harvest" have brought from 1 to 3 hundred dollars on EBay, that's not a bad price.
Our problem is finding 200 of you folks that would be interested. Let's face it WW II Veterans of the 3rd Bomb. Gp. are few and far between. Of the 200+ members of the 13th Sq. that sailed on the Ancon, there are only 3 of us left. I'm hoping that, maybe, there's enough family - children, gr'kids, etc.- interest in having a piece of our American History, to move 200 copies. For myself I would order 4 books for kids and gr'kids. It would have to be on a prepaid basis, and it could take from 2 to 3 months for delivery. And, incidentally, we have 30 days from yesterday to accept their figures.

Hopefully, I remain,
Jack Heyn
WW II Ancient One
A&P Mechanic/ QA Inspector for 26 Years. Researching and building a Database on the Grim Reapers.

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