P-38 casualty ? other losses ?

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P-38 casualty ? other losses ?

Post by PF » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:21 am

richard rudd
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Re: P-38 casualty ? other losses ?

Post by richard rudd » Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:19 am

The intake gorge / Freshwater Creek..P38. That's an ineresting one.

I spoke with old Hutch about that one many, many years ago, and he claimed to know nothing about it..!! The remains of the DH -84 were re-discovered by Steve Fowler of Cairns after 3 attempts, 25? 35 ? yrs ago. Terrible country; very thick rainforest on steep terrain. No mention of any other finds during the difficult search.

During the War its location would have been a "missing /mystery", but for the fact a survivor struggled out of the scrub into Freshwater gorge. Army patrols put thru the area searching for the Dragon,make no mention of any other finds.

BUT.. I knew a fellow glider pilot at the local club, Kelvin Hill (since deceased) and he told a story that someone had found a P38 canopy in Freshwater gorge.
I wasnt into warbirds in those days, so I never followed it up. So true... or false.???
If there was one.. surely there must be some record somewhere, of pilot, plane and date.

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