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B17 near Bulolo PNG

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:26 am
by Highlander
Would anyone know the history of the B-17 on the ridge to the east of Bulolo PNG. I hadn't seen it for 14 years and my eagle-eyed skipper (who heard it had been removed) spotted it, untouched and lying there as proud as ever.
I love to know how it got there and the fate of the crew.
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Re: B17 near Bulolo PNG

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:16 pm
by Justin Taylan

Here are details on the famous B-17 wreck near Black Cat Pass. This B-17 had no wartime nickname, but is known as the "Gray Ghost" or "B-17 at Black Cat Pass" unofficially. If you took any photos of the plane you wish to add, please send them to Pacific Wrecks, will add them credited to you.

B-17E 41-9234

Re: B17 near Bulolo PNG

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:02 am
by anthonyAtTeamMUROC
Yeah, my 2 brothers and I and dad visited this B-17 in the 70s. I have to check with dad when it was. He flew us around everywhere looking for wrecks and war relics. It's great having a father who flies... Anyway, dad took lots of super 8 footage and I have the film. I intend to digitise it and rip some frames. The B-17 at Black Cap Gap was an adventure. We landed at Wau, then hiked in - took about 3 hours (this was a long time ago and I was about 14 years old so forgive me if I exagerate a bit). I remember coming over a hill and seeing this massive aircraft lying there bent in half. Although the guns were missing, I found a live round with Japanese markings on it. Took it to school back in Australia to show my mates. Dad unscrewed something on the aircraft and oil still oozed out. That's about all I can remember; I'll have to dig out the film and watch it again, maybe youtube it. On another day and another adventure, we found part of this B-17 ball turret in a car junk yard - you could actually sit in it. Then there was this 50 cal under the aeroclub that I used to drag out and try to pick up (should have taken that back to school in oz to show my mates - bit of 'show and tell' for the class). Then there was the time we went to Rabaul and climbed down inside Matupi volcano, then to Coastwatchers lookout.. then to... ...Gasmata ...Jacquinot Bay ...Finschafen ...must go back!