Request for copy of Always Ready

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Request for copy of Always Ready

Post by Nomw578 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:59 am

Some time ago I sent an email to the Pacific Wrecks website, specifically to Mr. McLeod, requesting a copy of "Always Ready". My father, Thomas Kostera, was assigned to I Compamy of the 147th. I have been in contact with the 147th Ass'n in Columbus, Ohio, and unfortunately they don't have any relevant information concerning what I am interested in, namely a chronology and the complete story of the 147th. My email request to Mr. McLeod, which has not been responded to, was for a copy of his book, "Always Ready". Of course I offered to pay what he asked for the book itself, or a copy of same.

My name is also Thomas Kostera, retired from the U.S. Navy (30 years). One of my assignments was at the Office of the Ass't U.S. SECDEF for POW/MIA affairs and specifically I worked in the U.S./Russia Task Force. We attempted to garner information on the fates of our Cold War shoot downs by the Soviets. I don't feel that my request is a difficult one to fulfill. i am anxiously waiting to receive a response from Mr. McLeod. My contact information is: Phone: 808-221-6238; email:; address: P.O. Box 806275, St Clair Shores, MI 48080

So, Mr. McLeod, please respond. I have exhausted other searches via rare book locators, etc., and am relying on your comraderie for a son of a fellow 147th member. Thank you.

Tom Kostera

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