Landslide on Sogeri Road, 1943?

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Landslide on Sogeri Road, 1943?

Post by MGMartin » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:50 am

In mid-1944, my dad brought home from duty in Australia and New Guinea a photograph of a large landslide showing a bulldozer and Australian and U.S. military personnel "eyeballing" the situation. The photograph was unmarked. A few months ago, I discovered the location by sheer chance. I am wondering if anyone knows when the landslide occurred since it appears Port Moresby might have temporarily lost its electricity due to the slide - - most likely sometime in 1943. Heading towards Sogeri, PNG, from Port Moresby, the landslide occurred just past the Rouna Falls car park. One can see the location in a recent photograph posted 5-06-2011 on Google Earth. Unfortunately, a large truck in the lower left corner of the photo obscures the road but not the location.


M.G. Martin

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