John Douglas   December 2001 Wreck News Update

Wilkie walked up Mt. Kenevi [adjacent to the Kokoda Trail] 11,000 feet altitude. Quite a hike! He found a P-40 a P-39 and a B-25 with bones on board. Good photos; spectacular country. To learn more about his trip, read our article about the trip, Journey To Mt Kenevi

I paid a visit to Popondetta with Frank Egimbari last weekend. Phil Bradley had asked for photos of tanks at Buna. I've got two so far [there's one more in the Nimitz Museum, and another in the Port Moresby Museum] Probably two or three more out there in jungleland to locate and photograph. I also found a jeep or two and an old car that had been cut down and used as an ambulance during the Buna battles. This is real, ,living history stuff. One [the better ] tank is near the old Buna Strip, with the tracks and front plate in the grass nearby; the other is near Embi lakes and seems to have been used for target practice,after the battles.

Journey To Mount Kenevi
Wreck Tec Team
P-40 Wreckage


Wilkinson Egimbari's Journey in Search of WWII History
Reported by John Douglas

Tanks and Vehicles in Popondetta Area
1937/38 Sedan
Japanese Tank

Stuart Tank

The first photo is a 1937/38 sedan [Ford?] cut down for use as an ambulance, and abandoned after the battle.This was almost certainly captured by the Japanese during the Singapore / Malay campaign, and shipped, first to Rabaul, then to Buna and subsequently captured by US / Aussie forces; and converted in the field for use as an ambulance. Real History here. It should be in a museum. The middle photo is an American tank [M3A1], used by Aussie forces at Buna, and later recovered to a training range near the Embi Lakes, where it was used as target practice. The last photo is a similar tank ,still on the Buna Battlefield.

Em Tasol
  John Douglas

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