Henry Mayer's Port Moresby's Micro History:
Carl A. Hustad Dog Tags & Artifacts
I dug up these items in 1989 at the end of an old jeep trail 6 miles SE  of jackson's in an area that was occupied by australian troops, overlooking the Loloata Island resort side of Bootless Bay. The site was a disposal tip covered with australian kit /rations castoffs, so i remember being suprised unearthing the stuff on the hillside a long way from the usual area and wondering how they ended up in an Australian sector.

Regina Oldfield Puzzo adds:
"In the PWD October 2004 newsletter, There was a reference to a 'Carl A. Hustard'. Is it possible there is a misspelling? There was a Capt. Carl A. Hustad that was a pilot (I know my uncle was on his crew for a time, 43rd BG). The name similarity is uncanny. I know from another message board entry that Carl Hustad died in 2001. This was a message posted in 2003 and at that time Hustad's wife was still alive. It would be amazing if the family could get these things."

Henry Mayer replied:
"The tag shot attached shows the correct spelling- my mistake with the extra 'r' , i can only blame it on my advancing age. I was quite sure up until i checked that i had gotten the spelling right...quite a suprise therefore when the info matched. Also attached is a shot of some of the items dug up with the tag, the capt bars would have to confirm the identity also....not very likely there was someone else with the same name and officer's  0- serial number.

Kris Trenary (grandaughter of Hustad)
"We are so excited about my grandfather's dog tags, glasses, etc. and we are so excited about it! I just wish he were around to see this as
well [Hustad died in 2001]"

Carl A. Hustad at 17-Mile 4th from the right in the back row (under S-4)

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