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October 1944
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AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): Three B-24s hit Kashiwabara; three more B-24s bomb Otomari and fly a photo mission over Onnekotan and five B-25s bomb the Asahi Bay area.

(CBI) BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 20 P-47s hit Japanese concentrations at Nanhlaing and Kyungyi; sixteen P-47s support ground forces at Mawlu and Henu and in nearby areas; a bivouac area south of Indaw is pounded by 4 fighter-bombers while 7 knock out a bypass bridge at Panghkam; 3 B-25s blast train cars and sidings at Kyaukme, 3 hit a nearby motor pool, 2 hit a motor pool at Namhsim, and 1 blasts a rail line at Nawngpeng. Transports fly 270+ sorties in the CBI.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, 3 B-25s knock out a bridge at Lobochai while 7 P-40s hit trucks and locomotives nearby; 6 B-25s and 11 P-51s pound the town area of Menghsu; 50+ P-40s and P-51s hit small towns and other targets of opportunity in the Menghsu area; 40+ others attack shipping, bridges, and general targets of opportunity around Anfu, Kweiping, Shepchung, Kuanyang, Ssuwangshu, Mangshih, Chefang, Panghkam, Takhing, Tanchuk, Dosing, Wuchou, and Tengyun and Wanling, Burma.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): Eight B-24s from Guam bomb Yap, 2 from Saipan hit Pagan. During the night of 23/24 Oct, one B-24 bombs Iwo Jima.

LEYTE - McArthur reinstalls the legitimate government of the Philippines.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: B-24s and P-38s maintain shipping sweeps in the Makassar area. B-25s, A-20s, and fighter-bombers hit oil storage at Boela, Amboina town, two airfields and other targets in the Amboina Ceram-Boeroe area. Fighter-bombers hit Sagan while A-20s support ground forces further E in the Sawar River-Orai River area. In the Philippines, vehicles and small vessels in the Mindanao area are attacked by fighter-bombers while B-25s attack small shipping in the Sulu Archipelago. Fighter-bombers over Halmahera hit scattered bivouacs. The detachment of the 17th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 4th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance), ceases operating from Noemfoor with F-5s (the ground echelon is enroute from Guadalcanal, Solomons to Morotai and other detachment are operating from Bougainville, Solomon and Sansapor. The 39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, moves from Owi to Morotai with P-47s.

USN: Lost is PB4Y-1 32277  pilot Lewis October 23, 1944

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): On Paramushiru, three B-24s bomb Kashiwabara and Kurabu Cape; 4 B-25s weather-abort a photo mission. Two others on a shipping sweep off Kurabu hit a freighter, which is observed listing and smoking, and strafe 2 subchasers.

(CBI) : The CBI Theater is split into 2 theaters, China and India-Burma.

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): About 80 P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance over SE China, SW China, and E Burma hit runways, storage facilities, town areas, troops, horses, gun positions, and other targets of opportunity around Amoy, Lohochai, Tanchuk, Sinthe, Menghsu, Pingnam, Mangshih and Chefang, and Lashio, Burma. HQ Fourteenth AF is reassigned from US Army Forces, CBI Theater to US Forces, China Theater.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): In Burma from 24 Oct through 27 Oct, fighter-bombers and B-25s steadily support Allied troops on the N Burma front, pounding road and rail communications, troop concentrations and supply dumps, and sweeping airfields; the strikes include close support of British troops advancing on the right flank of the front known as the "Rail Corridor," and of Chinese forces pushing down the left flank along the Myitkyina-Bhamo road.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): B-24s from Guam bomb Yap while P-47s from Saipan hit Pagan.

USN - The U. S. 3rd Fleet steams north in pursuit of a Japanese decoy squadron allowing other Japanese ships to attack US landing forces on the beach at Leyte

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: B-24s bomb Buayoan Airfield on Mindanao while B-25s on armed reconnaissance hit small shipping and troops. B-24s, B-25s, and fighter-bombers hit the Sandakan area. P-38s bomb Amboina reservoir areas. A-20s and fighter-bombers again pound Babo, Moemi, Sagan, Manokwari, Otawiri, and other Vogelkop Peninsula area targets. The following units move from New Guinea to Leyte : HQ 85th Fighter Wing from Hollandia; HQ 49th Fighter Group and the 7th and 9th Fighter Squadrons from Biak to Tacloban with P-38s. The 72d Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 5th Bombardment Group (Heavy), moves from Noemfoor to Morotai (Pitu) with B-24s.

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): 6 B-25s and 4 P-38s damage railroad tracks at Dara bridge in Thailand. In China, 7 P-38s and P-51s hit the Mongyu bridges and destroy the Kawnghka bridge; 4 others strafe Nawnghkio Airfield; 20+ P-51s and P-40s on armed reconnaissance attack targets of opportunity at Tengyun, Kweiping, and Ssuanghsu, and about 50 strike targets throughout the Menghsu area.

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS (Twentieth Air Force): 59 B-29s, flying out of Chengtu, bomb an aircraft plant at Omura, Kyushu; several other B-29s hit alternate targets and targets of opportunity.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): 29 B-24s from Saipan bomb Iwo Jima during the morning. Later during the day 4 B-24s from Saipan and Guam on armed reconnaissance missions, bomb Yap. 8 P-47s from Saipan bomb Pagan. HQ 11th Bombardment Group moves from Kwajalein Airfield to Guam.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: 50+ B-24s, supported by P-38s and P-47s, attack naval forces in the Mindanao Sea firing small vessels and claiming a light cruiser damaged. Crashed on take off is B-24J 44-40726 (six killed, five rescued). B-24s bomb Ambesia Airfield and attack shipping in the Makassar-Kendari area. In the Moluccas, fighter-bombers hit barges and villages in areas of Dodinga and Wasile Bays. B-25s, A-20s, and fighter-bombers hit Piroe and Saparoea in the Moluccas, Boela, Halong and Amboina, Haroekoe and north Ceram coastal targets. A-20s pound supply and fuel dumps in the Sarmi area. The 8th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group moves from Biak to Tacloban with P-38s; and the 421st Night Fighter Squadron, V Fighter Command, moves from Owi to Tacloban with P-38s and P-61s.

RAAF - Lost over Manokwari is P-40N A29-821 (MIA) and Walrus X9559 (crew KIA / POW).

USN: During the Battle Off Samar, the centermost action of the Battle of Leyte Gulf sunk is USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413.

IJN: During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Yamato is damaged on her bow area and takes on 3,000 tons of sea water, but survived the battle. During the Battle of the Surigao Strait, sunk by bomb and torpedos is Fuso.

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): Six B-24s which abort a naval task force cover mission after failing to find the ships, two bomb installations on Onnekotan.

THEATER CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, B-24s and B-25s attack shipping off the E Luichow Peninsula; B-25s also hit river shipping from Dosing to Takhing and a Yellow River bridge; fighters attack the town of Menghsu, hit targets of opportunity around Menghsu and Kweiping, and make an armed reconnaissance attack on Hongay, French Indochina; B-25s and fighters bomb railroad yards at Hsuchang.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): 8 P-47s from Saipan bomb and strafe Pagan. 15 B-25s based in the Gilberts, bomb Nauru Airfield.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: B-24s attack a naval force of 2 battleships, 5 aircraft carriers, and 5 destroyers W of Panay; hits are claimed on a battleship and 2 carriers; on Mindanao , P-38s hit vehicles in the Davao area and B-25s bomb Iligan. On Halmahera, P-40s attack targets of opportunity in the Dodinga-Kaoe Bay area, Djailolo, supply area south of Galela, and guns south of Doro. A-20s and B-25s bomb Urarom; the 318th Troop Carrier Squadron (Commando), 3d Air Commando Group, arrives at Nadzab with C-47s. Lost is G4M2 Betty with pilots of the 201st Kokutai:

USN: STAG-1 four drones launched against targets in Rabaul. This was the last attack in a month long demonstration of the TDR assault drone was made by Special Task Air Group, thereby concluding the first use of the guided missile in the Pacific. During the demonstration a total of 46 drones were expended of which 29 reached the target areas: two attacked a lighthouse on Cape St. George, making one hit which demolished the structure; nine attacked anti-aircraft emplacements on beached ships achieving six direct hits and two near misses; and 18 attacked other targets in the Shortlands and Rabaul areas making 11 hits.

USA: Off Los Angeles, P-51D Mustang 44-15669 is lost on a ferry flight.

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): 7 B-24s weather-abort an attempt to fly cover for a naval task force.

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, fighters bomb and strafe the town of Mengmao and nearby hill positions, river traffic, troops, and horses from Tanchuk to Tengyun, bridges NE of Hsinganhsien, the town of Kaotienhsu, troops in the Kweilin area, rail traffic W of Puchi, and airfields at Siangtan and Changsha.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): HQ Tenth AF is reassigned from AAF, India-Burma Sector to AAF, India-Burma Theater.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): 2 B-24s from Saipan on armed reconnaissance bomb Yap. During the night of 27/28 Oct a B-24 on a snooper mission hits Iwo Jima.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: 40+ fighter-bombers, operating in 3 waves, hit shipping off Cebu and W of Mactan. B-24s attack Malili and Palopo on Celebes .

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): 8 B-25s fly cover for a naval task force.

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, fighters strafe villages, troops, and horses in the Menghsu-Konghow area, pound bridges around Kaotienhsu, and hit Yangtong Airfield and shipping at Hongay, French Indochina and Wuchou.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 80+ fighter-bombers pound numerous targets including town areas, troops, railroad facilities, and a variety of targets of opportunity at Mannaun, Manoi, Sinkan, Winwa, Man Mao, Myazedi, Pinwe, Naba, Yebawgyi, and Kangon.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): B-24s from Saipan bomb Haha Jima while others, from Guam hit Yap. Saipan based P-47s bomb Pagan. In Hawaii, the 6th Night Fighter Squadron, VII Fighter Command, moves from John Rodgers Airport to Kipapa Field with P-47s and P-61s (a detachment is operating from Saipan).

(Twentieth Air Force): Marianas based XX Bomber Command flies its first combat mission when fourteen B-29s attack submarine pens on Dublon; 4 others, 1 carrying Brigadier General Haywood S Hansell, Jr, Commanding General XXI Bomber Command, abort; about a third of the bombs fall in the general target area.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: B-24s, fighting bad weather, bomb Puerto Princesa Airfield. During the night of 28/29 Oct, B-24s bomb the Wilhelmina Docks area on Celebes. B-25s and P-38s blast town of Amboina. HQ 475th Fighter Group moves from Biak to Dulag.

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): On Paramushiru four B-25s on reconnaissance hit Tomari Cape buildings and a freighter which is left listing.

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, fighters in support of Chinese ground forces blast hill positions in the Lungling and Mangshih areas; others damage a bridge at Sinshih, bomb Kweiyi and Paoching, hit railroad targets between Siaokan and Sinyang, and strafe airfields at Chingmen, Tangyang, and Ichang.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 80+ fighter-bombers again attack a wide variety of targets including troop concentrations, bridges, supply dumps, and numerous targets of opportunity at Kawlin, Wingnang, Hsenwi, Bhamo, Shwegu, Kyungon, Tugyaung, Yebyangale, Henu, and Kayin.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): 19 B-24s from Saipan bomb Chichi Jima. Two B-24s from Guam strike Yap.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: Fighter-bombers and B-25s, operating in small forces, are active against airfields, AA positions, and targets of opportunity on Halmahera. Fighter-bombers hit Ransiki while fighter-bombers, A-20s, and B-25s bomb Urarom and Soeli and strafe targets of opportunity throughout the Urarom-Kaimana area. HQ 13th AF moves from Noemfoor to Morotai . The 63d and 64th Troop Carrier Squadrons, 403d Troop Carrier Group, based on Biak begin operating from Wakde and Noemfoor respectively with C-47s. Force landed on a ferry flight are P-47D "Tojo Special" 42-23249 and P-47D 42-75921. Lost is B-24J 42-110120.

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa and Onnekotan.

THEATER CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): Thirteen B-24s lay mines in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. P-40s bomb installations around Phu Lang Thuong, French Indochina and hit junks at sea. The detachment of the 529th Fighter Squadron, 311th Fighter Group, operating from Hsian with P-51s, returns to base at Pungchacheng.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 10 B-25s knock out bridges at Namhkai, Wuntho, Thegyaung, and Nankan and damage others at Okkyin and Zawchaung; 50+ P-47s knock out the Hpao Nam River bridge and strafe targets of opportunity at several locations; hit several bridges throughout the N Burma rail corridor, damaging or knocking out each target; support ground forces at Naba Station and Pinwe; and hit troop concentrations at Mansi and Manyut.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA) AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): 8 B-24s on armed reconnaissance missions from Guam bomb Yap. One B-24 snooper from Saipan, during the night of 30/31 bombs Iwo Jima. P-47s from Saipan hit Pagan. B-25s from Makin strike Nauru.

HQ AAF (Twentieth Air Force): Eight B-29s from the Marianas bomb submarine pens on Dublon, 9 others bomb two miles beyond the target.

USN - The U.S. 5th Air Force and 13th Air Force together with carrier-borne aircraft of the U.S. 3rd and 7th Fleets stage massive attacks against the Phillipines in preparation for landing on Mindoro.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: B-24s pound Bacolod Airfield. B-25s and fighter-bombers hit San Roque Airfield and barges at Zamboanga. P-38s hit Sandakan Airfield. B-24s bomb the wharf area at Makassar, while P-40s, over the NE peninsula, hit various targets of opportunity. P-38s hit Piroe. Urarom Airfield is bombed by A-20s and B-25s.

AMERICAN ALASKA (Eleventh Air Force): Four B-25s score direct hits on a cannery at Tomari Cape on Paramushiru and leave nearby buildings burning; one of two B-25s hit by AA heads for and safely lands in the USSR.

THEATER AAF, INDIA-BURMA SECTOR: The 427th Night Fighter Squadron arrives at Pandaveswar from Italy with P-61s (first mission is 23 Nov).

CHINA THEATER (Fourteenth Air Force): Six P-51s hit shipping targets of opportunity at Swatow and Amoy; about 70 fighters support Chinese ground forces by pounding positions in the Lungling area; 4 B-25s and 12 P-40s bomb a railroad bridge at Pengpu.

INDIA-BURMA THEATER (Tenth Air Force): In Buram, 60+ P-47s attack occupied areas and supply areas at Namun, Bhamo, and Nakang, and railroad bridges, locomotive shelters, and rolling stock along the Kyaikthin-Naba line; 2 B-25s attack targets of opportunity from Katha to Bhamo along the Irrawaddy River.

AAFPOA (Seventh Air Force): During the night of 31 Oct/l Nov a B-24 on a snooper mission from Saipan bombs Iwo Jima.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA [SWPA, Far East Air Force (FEAF)]: P-47s and A-20s bomb Kairatoe Airfield and Saharoe village on Celebes Island. B-25s and P-40s hit Loloda and Soasioe in the Moluccas Islands. P-38s and A-20s, concentrating on airfields, attack Samate Efman, Sagan, and Doom Island. Force landed is XB-24 "Liberty Belle" 42-40686 (survived).

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