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    Bomber 2 Airfield (Pekoa Field) Espiritu Santo Vanuatu (New Hebrides)

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USAAF June 9, 1943

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USN c1943

Lat 15° 30' 18S Long 167° 13' 11E  Bomber 2 Airfield is located at the southeastern corner of Espiritu Santo. To the north of Segond Channel and Aore Island. To the south was Bomber 1 Airfield. Also know as Pekoa Field or Pekoa Airfield.

This area was a plantation planted with coconut palms harvesting copra.

During the Pacific War, the American built a single runway at this location. By June 1, 1943 the runway was 7,400' x 150' with taxiways and revetments off each side of the runway.

Wartime History
During the Pacific War, used by the U. S. Navy and U. S. Army Air Force. Designated U. S. Army APO 708.

A memorial devoted to Patrol Squadron VP 11/54/51, VB 101, PATSU 1-2 was erected near the maintenance tent at Bomber 2. The monument was erected by George Littman and Herbie Hope with the cement base was poured by the 15th Naval Construction Battalion "Seebees" and the plaque as cast by USS Dixie AD-14. The plaque had a U. S. Navy aviators wings and the inscription: "1943 In memory of those officers and men of VP 11/54/51, VB 101, PATSU 1-2 who gave their lives in combat." Before departing, American units donated to a French mission adjoining the camp and asked Father Jahn to arrange for the care and preservation of the memorial after the American left the area. This memorial was devoted to crew members killed or missing during 1943 in the Solomon Islands from VP-11, VP-54, VP-51, VB-101, PATSU 1 and PATSU 2. Memorialized are forty-eight names of air men Missing In Action aboard PB4Y-1 Liberator 31948 (MIA), PB4Y-1 Liberator 31970 (MIA), PB4Y-1 Liberator 31947 (MIA) and PB4Y-1 Liberator 31950 (MIA) plus AMM2c William J. McQuiston and AO3c Peter P. Klajbor both MIA April 5, 1944.

Still in use today as "Santo Pekoa International Airport" or "Santo Pekoa Airport". Airport codes: ICAO: NVSS IATA: SON. The single runway is oriented 30/12 and measures 6,523' x 98' surfaced with asphalt. Today, it is the only active airport on Espiritu Santo. During January 2005, underwent resurfacing.

Patrol Squadron VP 11/54/51 VB 101, PATSU 1-2 memorial at Bomber 2 Espiritu Santo
Letter Catherine Curry from LTCDR C. W. Heywood about memorial at Bomber 2 February 5, 1944

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