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    Luke Field (Ford Island Airfield) Ohau Hawaii

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USN October 28, 1941

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USN October 30, 1941

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Justin Taylan 2004

Lat 21.36 N Long 157.96 W  Luke Field was located at the center of Ford Island, with the runway nearly spanning the length of the island, surrounded by Pearl Harbor.

During 1906 to 1918, the United States government acquired Ford Island and developed the island into a military base including an airfield and seaplane base and support facilities. During 1918, a runway was built by the U. S. Army at this location and initially known as “Joint Services Flying Field”. Initially based the 6th Aero Squadron. Named "Luke Field" in honor of Frank Luke, a World War I aviator.

Prewar History
During the 1930s, this airfield was shared between U. S. Navy (USN) and U. S. Army Air Corps (USAAC) aircraft including Keystone bombers: B-3, B-4, B-5 and LB-6 that operated until 1937. These aircraft were dumped at sea and replaced by Martin B-12 bombers. In March 1938 the Army bombers were organized into the 5th Bombardment Group. In October 1939, Army aircraft departed for Hickam Field, leaving Luke Field entirely for U. S. Navy aircraft.

Wartime History
On December 7, 1941 Luke Field was at the center of the surprise attack. During the second strike, 26 D3A Val dive bombers from Kaga targeted Luke Field, while nine A6M2 Zeros escorted and strafed parked aircraft on the ground.

American units based at Luke Field (Ford Island)
VP-137 (PV-1) USS Nassau August 9, 1944 Kaneohe

Postwar, known as "Ford Island NALF". Officially closed on June 30, 1999, because the runway was too short for use by modern jets. The control tower, and several wartime hangers remain to this day, and has been used as a location in Pearl Harbor Hollywood movies.

Douglas B-18 Bolo page 93
Abandoned & Little Known Airfields: Luke Field / NAS Pearl Harbor / Ford Island NALF

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