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    Kiska Harbor Submarine Base Alaska United States

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USN August 1943

Located at Kiska Harbor on eastern Kiska Island.

On June 6, 1942 five hundred Japanese Special Naval Landing Force (SNLF / Marines) from the No. 3 Special Landing Party landed at Kiska Harbor. The Japanese Navy developed the area around Kiska Harbor into their main base area known as "Main Camp". A submarine base was established with a ramp and pens for Type A midget submarines.

Wartime History
Used by the Japanese as a forward seaplane and submarine base. On February 26, 1943 I-169 delivered a Type A midget submarine plus torpedoes. The base was abandoned when the Japanese withdrew from Kiska on July 23, 1943.

American missions against Kiska
June 8, 1942 - August 17, 1943

When American forces occupied the area during August 1943. Abandoned equipment and wreckage was strewn over the area.

Type-A Midget Submarine (No. 1)
One of three midget subs damaged by demolition charges, remains on land

Type-A Midget Submarine (No. 2)
One of three midget subs damaged by demolition charges, remains in the surf line

Type-A Midget Submarine (No. 3)
One of three midget subs damaged by demolition charges, no trace today

Abandoned since the war. The remains of the wartime dock is still present to this day.

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