American Missions Against Chiang Mai
December 21, 1943 - December 13, 1944

December 21, 1943
29 B-24's pound the railroad yards at Chiengmai; the warehouse area along the W side of the yards suffers very heavy damage

March 5, 1944
8 B-25s bomb and strafe Chiengmai Airfield, destroying 9 aircraft, the water tower and nearby railroad station; the barracks area is also damaged.

April 23, 1944
2 P-38s hit a truck convoy and barracks S of Chiengmai

December 12, 1944
P-38s on armed reconnaissance attack many targets of opportunity including town areas, road and rail traffic, and supplies at or near Wan Pa-Hsa, Burma, Chiengmai

December 13, 1944
24 P-51s and P-38s hit the a bridge at Chiengmai