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American Missions Against Bankok
December 26, 1942 - February 7, 1945

December 26, 1942
(10th AF) B-24s bomb the railroad station, dock area, arsenal, and power plant at Bangkok

April 21, 1943
(10th AF) 16 B-24's are dispatched to bomb the Bangsue Arsenal and other targets in Bangkok, but only 4 reach the target area and loose bombs over the city.

December 19, 1943
(10th AF) 20 B-24's fly a night strike against newly expanded dock area at Bangkok, causing considerable destruction.

December 23, 1943
(10th AF) 19 B-24's on a night raid bomb the railroad terminal at Bangkok; heavy explosions and large fires result.

Janurary 10, 1944
(10th AF) During the night of 9/10 Jan, 7 B-24's lay mines in the Menam River estuary near Bangkok. Also, B-24's during the day bomb marshalling yard and airfield in the Bangkok area

January 12, 1944
(14th AF) 14 B-24's bomb the Bangsue marshalling yard at Bangkok.

Januarary 19, 1944
(10th AF) 16 B-24's bomb the marshalling yard and Don Maung railroad station at Bangkok

February 5, 1944
(10th AF) 8 B-24s during the night of 5/6 Feb bomb Bangkok

February 10, 1944
(10th AF) 9 B-24s bomb the Ban Mah arsenal at Bangkok and Don Maung Airfield immediately to the N.

March 15, 1944
(10th AF) 8 other B-24s hit barracks near Bangkok.

June 6, 1944
(20th AF) First B-29 mission: 77 B-29s bomb the primary target-the railroad shops at Bangkok, Siam; Lost are five B-29s due to non-battle causes.

June 8, 1944
(10th AF ) B-24s mine the Bangkok area.

November 27, 1944
(20th AF) 55 B-29s bomb the Bangsue railroad yards at Bangkok

December 14, 1944
(20th AF) Mission 20: 48 B-29s, flying out of the Calcutta, India area, are sent to bomb a railroad bridge at Bangkok,Thailand; 33 hit the primary and 14 others hit targets of opportunity and alternate targets; they claim 0-1-0 enemy aircraft; 4 B-29s are lost.

January 2, 1945
Mission 24: 49 B-29s, operating from the Calcutta, India area, are dispatched to attack a railroad bridge at Bangkok; 44 hit the primary target and 2 hit an alternate and a target of opportunity; they claim 0-1-1 Japanese aircraft.

January 28, 1945
(20th AF) One B-29 bombs a bridge at Bangkok, without loss; the results are poor

February 7, 1945
(20th AF) Mission 35: 64 B-29s are dispatched to hit the Rama VI bridge at Bangkok, 58 bomb and effect the collapse of most of middle span of the bridge (this is the 3d strike at this target) and destroy the NE approach, no B-29s are lost.

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