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    Koli Field (Bomber 3) Guadalcanal Province Solomon Islands

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USAAF October 18, 1943

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USN 1944

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Justin Taylan 2003

Koli Field is located fifteen miles east of Henderson Field, closest to the Metapona River to the east and the Naumbu River to the west. Nearby is Koli Point, Crash Strip (Koli Point) and Carney Field (Bomber 2). Also known as Koli Airfield or Bomber 3.

This airfield was built for the 13th Air Force to support heavy bombers. The single strip ran approximately northeast to southwest, parallel to Carney Field (Bomber 2) and had several taxiways off both sides of the runway. Surfaced by bitumen with marston matting (PSP). The airfield was completed by the middle of 1943.

By January 1945 the main runway was 7,200' x 150', and the runway was disused.

Disused since the war. Bomber 2 strip was used for drying copra at the nearby plantation, and parts of the strip are sill used as road, with a small church.

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June 1, 1943

January 1945

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