British POWs Killed on Ballale Island

British POWs captured in Singapore and inittialy imprissoned at Changi POW camp. 517 were transported aboard the Kenkno Maru to the Rabaul. Next, the prisoners were shipped to Ballale Island in late November 1942. Employed as labor to build the airfield for the Japanese, crushing coral for the runway. Many died of disease and Allied bombing attacks, as the Japanese prevented them from taking shelter during attacks, or any medical treatment. In June 1943, when the garrison feared an Allied attack on the island many were killed.

After the war, Australian forces occupied the island in November 1945 and discovered a mass grave with 436 sets of remains. These were exhumed and were buried at Bomana Cemetery near Port Moresby.

(Partial List)

Daily Telegraph "Memorial at Last"

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