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American missions against Matua (Matsuwa, Матуа) and Matsuwa Airfield
February 25, 1944 - July 20, 1945

February 25, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s are over Matsuwa shortly after midnight 24/25 Feb on a photographic reconnaissance and bomb run; the mission is not completed due to weather.

March 16, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly a night armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa, but turn back prematurely. Some of the bombers jettison their bombloads over the target area.

April 7, 1944
(11th AF) Eight B-24s dispatched to destroy a convoy, believed southeast of Matsuwa turn back due to engine, navigation and weather difficulties.

April 9, 1944
(11th AF) A weather sortie over Matsuwa is negative due to low clouds and fog.

April 10, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa.

April 11, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s attempting to fly a photographic and bombing run over Matsuwa installations, two turn back; the third bombs the Matsuwa Airfield runway area.

April 13, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance and bombing runs over Matsuwa Airfield.

April 14, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed photo reconnaissance mission during early the morning over Matsuwa, photographs taken are negative due to cloud cover.

April 15, 1944
(11th AF) During the night of 14/15 April three B-24s on armed reconnaissance mission over Matsuwa hit several targets including Matsuwa Airfield.

April 18, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa.

April 23, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly weather and photographic reconnaissance within 100 miles of the Kurile Islands and photograph Matsuwa.

April 24, 1944
(11th AF) A B-24 flies a photo and bombing run over Matsuwa

April 25, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s photograph and bomb installations on Matsuwa.

May 12, 1944
(11th AF) One B-24 reconnoiters and bombs installations on Matsuwa concentrating on Matsuwa Airfield on Tagan Cape.

May 24, 1944
(11th AF) Two bombers fly weather and photo reconnaissance bomb the Matsuwa area.

May 28, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly reconnaissance and drop bombs on Matsuwa

May 29, 1944
(11th AF) At dawn two B-25s photograph and bomb Matsuwa (secondary target).

June 2, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s, finding Shimushiru overcast, bomb and photograph Matsuwa (the secondary) during dawn.

June 4, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly an uneventful reconnaissance over Shimushiru; fuel shortage and equipment failure prevent flying to Matsuwa (the secondary).

October 4, 1944
(11th AF) A B-24 weatheraborts a photo run off Matsuwa.

October 8, 1944
(11th AF) Photo missions to Matsuwa turn back due to weather.

October 12, 1944
(11th AF) B-24s hit Matsuwa Airfield and shipping targets in the Matsuwa area.

October 30, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa

November 5, 1944
(11th AF) Four B-24s bomb Matsuwa

November 12, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Matsuwa.

November 25, 1944
(11th AF) A B-24 aborts an armed photo mission over Matsuwa due to weather

November 28, 1944
(11th AF) A B-24 photographs and bombs the Matsuwa shore area.

January 19, 1945
(11th AF) Two other B-24s hit Matsuwa.

January 23, 1945
(11th AF) One B-24 flies a reconnaissance sortie along Onnekotan-Matsuwa east coasts.

March 14, 1945
(11th AF) Of the twelve B-25s taking off to cover a naval task force on its way to Matsuwa, six abort due to weather and failure to locate the Navy task force; the others fly coverage sorties throughout the day.

March 16, 1945
(11th AF) Because of a navigational error, two B-24s on a photo mission to Matsuwa reach 130 miles south of the island, the deepest penetration of the Japanese Home Islands to date; the B-24s turn north to photograph Matsuwa.

May 17, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly bombing and photo missions over Matsuwa, concentrating on Matsuwa Airfield

May 25, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly a radar ferret mission over Matsuwa and bomb the Tagan Cape area

June 19, 1945
(11th AF) A B-24 bomb and photograph Matsuwa.

June 23, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s on a shipping sweep between Matsuwa and Paramushiru sink one freighter, damage two more, and hit a whale boat; 1 Japanese fighter is claimed destroyed

July 20, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s fly the heaviest and most successful mission of the month, bombing hangars and revetments at Matsuwa Airfield.

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