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Allied missions against Paramushir (Paramushiro, Paramushiru)
July 10, 1943 - August 23, 1945

July 10, 1943
(11th AF) The Eleventh Air Force attacks the Japanese Home Islands for the first time as eight B-25's raid the southern part of Shimushu and northern Paramushiru, in dead reckoning runs when solid cloud cover prevents a maximum altitude attack. No AA fire is encountered and no enemy aircraft are sighted. The B-25's stage through Attu Airfield on returning to Adak Airfield. Six B-24's, originally slated to accompany the B-25's to Paramushiru and five other B-25's are on short notice dispatched to attack a convoy off Attu instead.

July 11, 1943
(11th AF) Five B-24's take off to attack Paramushiru and fly a shipping search but are turned back by bad weather.

July 18, 1943
(11th AF) Six B-24's bomb shipping targets between Paramushiru and Shimushu and completed runway at Murakami Bay on Paramushiru, which is also photographed.

August 11, 1943
(11th AF) Nine B-24's drop bombs and incendiaries on Paramushiru.

September 11, 1943
(11th AF) Twelve B-25's and 8 B-24's attack Paramushiru.

April 14, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed photo reconnaissance mission during early the morning over Paramushiru. Photographs taken are negative due to cloud cover.

April 15, 1944
(11th AF) During the night of 14/15 April a B-24s armed reconnaissance over Paramushiru fails due to overcast.

April 18, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly armed reconnaissance over Paramushiru; cloud cover and lack of moonlight hamper the mission.

May 22, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-25s from Attu attack shipping strike near Paramushiru and bomb and strafe a picket boat, which is left sinking.

June 17, 1944
(11th AF) Twelve B-25s fly three air missions for a Naval Task Force on withdrawal, following the shelling of Kurabu Cape installations on Paramushiru.

June 19, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly armored photo reconnaissance over Paramushiru and bomb the Suribachi area with unobserved results.

June 24, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s at dawn bomb the area north of Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru.

June 25, 1944
(11th AF) Two B-24s bomb the airfield at Kurabu Cape on Paramushiru.

June 26, 1944
(11th AF) Twellve B-25s fly three four-plane air cover missions for a Naval task force on withdrawal following shelling of Kurabu Cape installations on Paramushiru.

July 1, 1944
(11th AF) At dawn in the Kurile Islands, four B-24s radar bomb Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru through overcast.

July 29, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly bombing and reconnaissance runs over Shimushu and Paramushiru sites including Kurabu Cape installations.

August 12, 1944
(11th AF) Four B-24s and two F-7As over Paramushiru and Shimushu hit targets; enemy fighters give battle; the B-24s score 3 kills and 13 probables and damaged.

September 1, 1944
(11th AF) A B-25 bombs a shack on the southwest coast of Paramushiru and sinks a nearby ship

September 4, 1944
(11th AF) Six B-25s fly an anti-shipping sweep close to Paramushiru and draw shore-based AA fire; 8 fighters intercept but there are no losses on either side.

September 7, 1944
(11th AF) Six B-25s on a shipping sweep attack a small fishing fleet between Paramushiru and Onnekotan

September 9, 1944
(11th AF) Six B-25s hunt shipping off Paramushiru; 4 return to Attu with bombs, finding no targets; one hits the mast of a vessel and ditches in the water; the other lands on one engine in Petropavlovsk, USSR.

September 14, 1944
During the night of 13/14 Sep 3 B-24s strike Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru and shipping offshore.

September 24, 1944
(11th AF) Eight B-24s striking Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru are challenged by 12 Japanese fighters and 1 of 2 damaged B-24s forcelands in the USSR; one fighter is downed;

October 2, 1944
(11th AF) Photo reconnaissance missions, by four B-25s to Paramushiru

October 8, 1944
(11th AF) Photo missions to Paramushiru turn back due to weather.

October 11, 1944
(11th AF) Four B-25s attack Shimushiru and Paramushiru

October 13, 1944
(11th AF) On Paramushiru, four B-25s bomb Kurabu Airfield and bomb and strafe buildings on Tomari Cape, scoring hits on canneries, warehouses, and barracks.

October 15, 1944
(11th AF) Four B-25s on armed reconnaissance over Paramushiru turn back when the flight drifts off course

October 18, 1944
(11th AF) Four B-25s bomb Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru

October 19, 1944
(11th AF) A single B-24 bombs Kurabu Cape on Paramushiru.

November 2, 1944
(11th AF) B-24s bomb Paramushiru.

November 15, 1944
(11th AF) Eight B-25s weather-abort an armed photo reconnaissance over Paramushiru

November 25, 1944
(11th AF) A B-24 aborts an armed photo mission over Matsuwa Island due to weather and instead radar bombs Kurabu Airfield on Paramushiru

January 5, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s fly an air coverage mission for a naval task force on its approach to Suribachi on Paramushiru.

January 6, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s bomb Suribachi Bay Airfield, also hitting buildings and pier areas on on Paramushiru.

January 10, 1945
(11th AF) Three B-24s on an armed photo mission bomb and photograph Kurabu Airfield on Paramushiru, scoring hits on the runway.

January 18, 1945
(11th AF) Three B-24s fly an unsuccessful reconnaissance mission to Kurabu Airfield on Paramushiru; one of the B-24s force lands in the USSR on the return trip.

January 23, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s strike the Kakumabetsu cannery and targets on Paramushiru while 8 to 10 fighters intercept and the B-24s claim 2 victories; 1 B-24 is lost.

February 5, 1944
(11th AF) Six B-24s and sixteen P-38s join USN aircraft to fly air cover in several relays during retirement of US light cruisers and destroyers following bombardment of installations and afterwards the aircraft also photograph and attack installations on Paramushiru and Shimushu.

February 17, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s provide air coverage for a naval task force en route to Paramushiru.

February 18, 1945
(11th AF) Seven B-24s fly cover sorties for a naval force during its approach to Kurabu Cape on Paramushiru.

February 19, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s bomb Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru.

March 10, 1945
(11th AF) B-24s radar-bomb targets including Kakumabetsu on Paramushiru with unobserved results; 1 fighter is sighted but no attack is made; 2 other B-24s on this mission abort due to weather and mechanical trouble. B-25 missions to Paramushiru are also cancelled due to weather.

March 29, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-25s weather abort a mission to Tomari Cape and one B-24 flies a radar-ferret mission along the Paramushiru coast.

April 6, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s attack and photograph Kurabu on Paramushiru, especially the airfield.

April 7, 1945
(11th AF) A B-24 flies a radar-ferret mission along the coasts of Paramushiru.

April 10, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s attempt to hit radar installations on Minami Cape on Paramushiru, the primary air warning station in the Kurils, but fail to release bombs due to an approach error.

May 9, 1945
(11th AF) Radar discloses considerable shipping between Paramushiru and Shimushu; thus, twelve B-24s take off and radar-bomb through overcast; another B-24 flies a radar-ferreting sortie over Paramushiru and Shimushu.

May 10, 1945
(11th AF, USN) The Eleventh AF and the USN's Fleet Air Wing Four execute the heaviest and most successful joint mission to date in the Kurile Islands; twelve B-24s fly photo reconnaissance over east and west Paramushiru on the return trip. Next sixteen B-25s one aborts while the others hit shipping between Kashiwabara on Paramushiru and Kataoka; heavy AA fire claims one B-25; a B-24 and a B-25 force lands in the USSR.

May 29, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s weather abort a shipping sweep along the east coast of Paramushiru.

June 4, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-25s abort a shipping strike at Kurabu Cape on Paramushiru due to weather.

June 9, 1945
(11th AF) In coordination with US Navy surface and air forces attacking in the Kurile Islands, six B-24s and eight B-25s fly extensive armed weather reconnaissance and anti-shipping sweeps over Asahigawa on Paramushiru; the B-24s score no results, half of them jettisoning their bombs.

June 10, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s fly with the US Navy's Fleet Air Wing Four bombers on a shipping attack and sink Nichiei Maru No. 5 off the southwest coast of Paramushiru.

June 11, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s on a shipping sweep over the Kurile Islands do not find targets because of overcast and instead radar-bomb installations on Kurabu Cape, Paramushiru.

June 12, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s strafe shipping off Paramushiru near Arahata Cape, damaging 4 freighters and 2 barges; one B-25 is shot down.

June 17, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s fly a shipping sweep from Shimushu to Kurabu Cape, Paramushiru; a number of vessels are sighted but cannot be attacked because of land-based AA.

June 18, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s join US Navy aircraft in attacking Kataoka, Shimushu and Tomari Cape, Paramushiru but cloud cover prevents observation of effects.

June 23, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s on a shipping sweep between Matsuwa and Paramushiru sink 1 freighter, damage two more, and hit a whale boat; 1 Japanese fighter is claimed destroyed

June 24, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s on a shipping sweep instead radar bomb Kurabu Cape on Paramushiru, because of overcast and turbulence

July 10, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s fly a search down the west coasts of Paramushiru

July 23, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s radar-bomb Kurabu Cape Airfield on Paramushiru.

August 13, 1945
(11th AF) The Eleventh AF dispatches its last combat mission when six B-24s radar-bomb the Kashiwahara area on Paramushiru with incendiaries, leaving huge columns of smoke.

August 18, 1945
(USSR) Soviet forces make an amphibious landing on Paramushir.

August 21, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s are prevented by cloud cover from taking photos of the Soviet occupation of the Kurile Islands; four others abort a photo mission to Paramushiru and Shimushu due to weather.

August 23, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s fly a photo mission over Paramushiru and Shimushu.
(USSR) Soviet forces accept the surrender of the remaining Japanese forces on Kurlie Islands.


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