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American missions against Kataoka (Bajkovo, Байково) and Kataoka Airfield (Imaizaki)
August 11, 1943 - August 12, 1945

August 11, 1943
(11th AF) Nine B-24's drop bombs and incendiaries including Kataoka naval base and staging area are hit.

September 16, 1944
(11th AF) Three B-24s bomb Kataoka naval base

January 20, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s bomb the Kataoka area.

February 5, 1945
(11th AF) Five B-24s bomb Kataoka through solid overcast.

February 7, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s off to Kataoka abort the mission when all aircraft accidentally drop bombs prior to the bombing run.

March 7, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s after departing on a shipping sweep and a strike on Kataoka.

March 10, 1945
(11th AF) Five B-24s radar-bomb targets at Kataoka

March 26, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s bomb the Kataoka naval base.

March 29, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s bomb Kataoka naval base.

April 10, 1945
(11th AF) In coordinated operations with US Navy (USN) aircraft, seven B-24s napalm-bomb Kataoka naval base.

April 16, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s radarbomb the Kataoka naval base

April 27, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s drop fragmentation bombs on the Kataoka naval base.

April 29, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s radar-bomb Kataoka naval base.

May 10, 1945
(11th AF) Eleventh AF and the USN's Fleet Air Wing Four execute the heaviest and most successful joint mission to date in the Kurile Islands; twelve B-24s bomb shipping targets in the Kataoka naval base. Next, sixteen B-25s take off; one aborts while the others hit Kataoka; heavy AA fire claims one B-25; a B-24 and a B-25 force lands in the USSR. Lost is B-25J 43-36149 (MIA).

May 15, 1945
(11th AF) Thirteen B-24s bomb the Kataoka.

May 18, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s bomb naval, harbor, and airfield targets at Kataoka.

May 23, 1945
(11th AF) Seven B-24s radar-bomb the Kataoka naval base.

June 3, 1945
(11th AF) One B-24 flying a radar ferret mission to Kataoka is followed by eight others, radar bombing and photographing scattered targets in the Kataoka naval base area.

June 4, 1945
(11th AF) Eleven B-24s get through and radar-bomb Kataoka naval base.

June 11, 1945
(11th AF) Eight B-24s on a shipping sweep over the Kurile Islands do not find targets because of overcast and instead radar-bomb installations in the Kataoka areas.

June 17, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-25s bomb shipping near Kataoka.

June 18, 1945
(11th AF) Six B-24s join US Navy aircraft in attacking Kataoka

June 23, 1945
(11th AF) Six other B-24s bomb Kataoka.

June 24, 1945
(11th AF) Two B-24s on a shipping sweep instead radar bomb Kurabu Cape.

July 4, 1945
(11th AF) eight B-24s radar-bomb the Kataoka naval base

July 11, 1945
(11th AF) Five B-24s radar-bomb Kataoka.

July 26, 1945
(11th AF) Seven B-24s successfully hit the Kataoka Naval Base on Shimushu with incendiaries, leaving smoke columns 5,000' high in their wake; there is no airborne opposition and AA fire is moderate and inaccurate.

August 2, 1945
(11th AF) On Shimushu, 5 B-24s bomb Kataoka Naval Base and 1 radar-bombs Kokutan Zaki and returns to base (600 miles) on 3 engines.

August 7, 1945
(11th AF) Five B-24s bomb Kataoka Airfield; AA fire damages two B-24s.

August 12, 1945
(11th AF) Four B-24s make a combined visual and radar bomb run over Kataoka.

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