Missions Against & Staged Thru Torokia

November 8, 1943
(13th AF) 6 B-25's hit targets of opportunity at the month of the Laruma River and NW of Torokina.

November 29, 1943
(13th AF): A fighter patrol attacks Gazelle Harbor and gun positions S of Torokina Plantation.

December 7, 1943
(RNZAF) Torokina is bombed by 2 RNZAF Ventura's on patrol.

January 1, 1944
(13th AF): Two B-24's, severely damaged during raid to Lakunai, crashland at Torokina. Allied fighters join USN dive bombers in support of ground forces in the Torokina area.

March 29, 1944
(13th AF): B-24s of the 307th BG carry out the first daylight raid on Truk, bombing Eten Airfield; the mission is staged from Munda, New Georgia through Torokina, for arming.