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American missions against Boram and Boram Airfield
April 10, 1943 - August 28, 1944

April 10, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's bomb Cape Boram

April 20, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's bomb Boram Airfield

May 13, 1943
(5th AF) B-17s bomb Boram Airfield

May 28, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's and B-24's attack Wewak, Dagua, and Boram Airfield.

May 30, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's bomb Wewak, Boram

June 2, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's and B-24's bomb Boram

June 4, 1943
(5th AF) B-17's and B-24's bomb Boram

August 17, 1943
(5th AF) Predawn attack by B-17's and B-24's against Boram, followed by B-25's, withP-38's covering, carry out the day's second bombing and strafing strike on Boram; this begins a campaign to neutralize Japanese airfields in preparation for offensive against Lae.

August 18, 1943
(5th AF) B-24's, B-25's, and B-17's, with cover fighters, blast Boram

August 20, 1943
(5th AF) 24 B-24's, escorted by 46 P-38's, hit Boram Airfield in the late morning; P-38's claim 19 fighters shot down.

August 29, 1943
(5th AF) B-24's, escorted by 44 P-38's, strike airfield at Boram

September 20, 1943
(5th AF) B-24's bomb Wewak and Boram airfields

Click For DetailsOctober 16, 1943
(5th AF)All four squadrons of the 345th BG B-25 participated in a morning strike on Boram Airfield, anti-aircraft defenses and Wewak Airfield, protected by three squadrons of P-38 escort fighters. About 20 Japanese Ki-43 and Ki-61 fighters took off to intercept with only a few minutes warning. They dropped 100 lbs 'daisy cutter' bombs and straffed the area. Many parked aricraft were destroyed or damaged. Lost was B-25D 41-30561 off Cape Moem. References: Warpath Across The Pacific page 49, 60-64.

October 17, 1943
(5th AF) Seven B-25's hit Wewak and Boram Airfield with a low-level attack during which fifteen aircraft are claimed as destroyed on the ground and four claimed shot down.

August 18, 1943
(5th AF) B-24's, B-25's, and B-17's, with cover of fighters, blast airfield at Boram

November 15, 1943
(5th AF) 88 B-25's heading for Wewak and Boram with an escort of 16 P-40's are intercepted by Japanese fighters that are escorting bombers attacking Gusap; the resulting battle causes the B-25's to abort the attack.

Click For DetailsNovember 18, 1943
(5th AF) Aerial reconnaissance view of Wewak - Boram area

November 27, 1943
(5th AF) Medium bombers blast the airfield at Boram and the town and harbor at Wewak, claiming 15 airplanes and 12 barges destroyed.

November 28, 1943
(5th AF) Nearly 50 B-24's bomb airfields at Wewak and Boram

December 22, 1943
(5th AF) Nearly 40 B-25's, with P-38 escort, bomb Wewak and Boram.

January 19, 1944
(5th AF) 57 B-24's bomb Boram

January 24, 1944
(5th AF) B-24's bomb airfields at Wewak and Boram

February 10, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s bomb Boram Airfield

February 27, 1944
(5th AF) 30+ B-24s, with P-40 support, hit airfields at Boram

February 7, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s and B-25s bomb Boram airfield

February 19, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s, A-20s and P-47s hit Cape Boram area

February 22, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s, A-20s, and P-40s attack Boram

March 11, 1944
(5th AF) 80+ B-24s, B-25s, and A-20s hit Boram Airfield

March 12, 1944
(5th AF) 3rd BG A-20s attack Boram Airfield

March 25, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s, and A-20s hit a fuel dump W of Boram

March 26, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s, A-20s and fighters hit Boram

Click For EnlargementApril 9, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s and A-20s hit Wewak, Boram

April 22, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s and A-20s hit Boram

April 23, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s bomb Boram and a road near Boram

April 26, 1944
(5th AF) B-25s and A-20s attack Boram

April 27, 1944
(5th AF) B-24s, B-25s and A-20s attack Boram

April 28, 1944
(5th AF) P-47s, P-39s, A-20s and P-70s hit Boram area

May 2, 1944
(5th AF) 2 B-25s bomb airfields at Wewak and Boram

May 3, 1944
(5th AF) 72 B-24s, B-25s and A-20s thoroughly blast Wewak and Boram Airfields in a single raid. A-20s, B-25s and fighter-bombers, operating throughout the day hit Boram

May 12, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s, B-25s and fighter-bombers blast villages, coastal bridges and roads, vehicles, the airstrip at Boram

July 17, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s, B-25s, and P-39s bomb Boram Airfield.

August 2, 1944
(5th AF) Bombers and fighters hit a bridge and airfield at Boram

August 5, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s and fighter-bombers in support of Allied forces pound enemy concentrations, supplies at Boram

August 8, 1944
(5th AF) Fighter-bombers bomb bridges and buildings at Boram

August 12, 1944
(5th AF) A-20s and P-39s attack fuel dumps at Boram

August 27, 1944
(5th AF) Fighter-bombers hit bivouacs near Boram,

August 28, 1944
(5th AF) Fighter-bombers hit Boram fuel dumps

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