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American Missions Against Mili (Milie) and Mili Airfield
June 17, 1943 - August 30, 1944
June 17, 1943
(7th AF) The first night photo-reconnaissance mission by the VII Bomber Command: 3 B-24's photograph Mille Atoll and nearby waters in the Marshalls.

November 6, 1943
(7th AF) 9 B-24 hit Mille Atoll.

November 15, 1943
(7th AF) B-24's bomb Mille

November 17, 1943
(7th AF) B-24's bomb Mille Atoll

November 18, 1943
(7th AF) 19 B-24's bomb Mille Atoll

November 22, 1943
(7th AF) 11 B-24's bomb Mille Atoll. The B-24's claim 2 interceptors shot down.

November 27, 1943
(7th AF) 8 B-24's from Canton in the Phoenix and Nukufetau in the Ellice bomb Mille Atoll.

December 1, 1943
(7th AF) 4 B-24's, flying out of Funafuti Atoll bomb Mille Atoll

December 4, 1943
(7th AF) 34 B-24's from the Ellice and Canton bomb Mille Atoll

December 7, 1943
(7th AF) Drops bombs on Mille Atoll

Decmeber 8, 1943
(7th AF) 11 B-24 Canton bomb Mille Atoll

Decmeber 9, 1945
19 B-24's from Funafuti Atoll in the Ellice bomb Mille Atoll. The B-24's claim 5 fighters destroyed.

December 17, 1943
(7th AF) 9 are recalled because of weather; 1 bombs the alternate target of Mille Atoll.

December 18, 1943
(7th AF) 14 B-24's bomb Mille Atoll

Decmeber 19, 1943
(7th AF) 29 B-24's bomb barracks, hangars, and wharf areas on Mille Atoll. P-39's strafe Mille Atoll

Decmeber 21, 1943
(7th AF) 16 P-39's strafe fuel dumps, shipping, and AA at Mille Atoll.

Decemmber 22, 1943
(7th AF) 11 A-24s dive-bomb cargo ships in Mille Atoll

December 23, 1943
(7th AF) 10 A-24s escorted by 20 P-39's, attack Mille Atoll hitting shore installations and a cargo vessel (wrecked by the previous day's raid) in the lagoon.

December 25, 1943
(7th AF) 10 A-24s supported by P-39's, attack Mille Atoll hitting the runway, ammunition storage, and an AA position.

December 26, 1943
(7th AF) P-39's fly reconnaissance and strafing missions over Mille Atoll

December 28, 1943
(7th AF) 15 B-24's staging Mille Atoll. 18 A-24s with an escort of 20 P-39's, attack Mille; this attack is followed by another against the atoll carried out by 9 B-25's supported by 12 P-39's.

December 30, 1943
(7th AF) A-24s escorted by 24 P-39's, dive-bomb gun positions on Mille

January 1, 1944
(7th AF) 16 P-39's strafe the harbor of Mille Atoll and attack shipping N of the atoll; 2 small vessels are heavily damaged.

January 2, 1944
(7th AF) P-39's strafe shipping at Mille Atoll.

January 3, 1944
(7th AF) 24 A-24s dive-bomb AA positions and radar and radio facilities on Mille Atoll. 20 supporting P-39's strafe runways and oil storage.

January 10, 1944
(7th AF) Four P-39's from Makin strafe Mille Atoll; 1 of the P-39's drops two 500-lb bombs on the fuel storage area. Also, four B-24s staging from Canton via Baker hit Mille.

January 11, 1944
(7th AF) Four P-39's from Makin dive-bomb and strafe runways on Mille Airfield.

January 12, 1944
(7th AF) 21 A-24s from Makin dive-bomb AA positions and the storage area on Mille and 20 supporting P-39's strafe the runways of Mille Airfield.

January 13, 1944
(7th AF) 21 A-24s from Makin dive-bomb dock, barracks, and storage area on Mille; some of the 16 escorting P-39's strafe ground targets Also, ten other P-39's carry out strafing mission over Mille.

January 16, 1944
(7th AF) 25 A-24s, 16 P-39's, and 8 P-40's from Makin strike Mille; A-24s bomb and strafe AA positions and storage areas, the P-40's bomb and strafe barracks and AA emplacements and the P-39's strafe runways; 2 P-39's are lost; ; 2 P-39's are lost including P-39Q 42-19469. P-39's sent up on interceptor missions claim 3 Japanese airplanes destroyed over Mille and Makin.


March 18, 1944
(USN) Task Group 50.10 (Rear Admiral W. A. Lee), composed of USS Lexington CV-16, two battleships including USS New Jersey BB-62, and a destroyer screen, bombed and bombard bypassed Mili. Carrier aircraft perform morning and afternoon strikes, lost is SBD-5 Dauntless 36540.

March 19, 1944
(USN) Carrier aircraft from USS Lexington CV-16 continue to attack Milli during the morning and afternoon.


August 30, 1944
(7th AF) B-24s hit Mille Atoll

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