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    Depot Field (Harmon Field) Guam Marianas

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Located in northwestern of Guam. Known as Depot Field and later Harmon Field.

Built by American forces as a B-29 aircraft depot and maintenance base.

During 1945 renamed Harmon Field in honor of Lt. General Millard F. Harmon, who went missing in action as a passenger aboard C-87 41-24174 on February 26, 1945.

Clarance Le Mieux adds:
"After the war, our job was salvaging all the stuff left from the Army. For example, we had these 36mm cameras, in nice leather cases, never even been used. We had to open them, take the lens and throw away the rest as trash. They collected all the trucks, jeeps from around the islands there and were selling them, about 300 at a time, and anybody who wanted to buy them. A wealthy Chinese man, from the Philippines had lost everything during the war. He got some funding and bought all the jeeps, brought them back to China and resold them at who knows what profit. He started buying up all this surplus, had enough financing to then buy two C-47s, and started his own airline with his sons who had been pilots in the war as to fly them. He would fill them up with surplus and passengers and had a route of four stops back to the Philippines. Last thing I remember is he bought a C-54 from us!"

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