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    Labuan Airfield (Labuan Island Airfield) Sabah State | Borneo Malaysia

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AWM April 25, 1944

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AWM June 18, 1945

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AWM October 20, 1945

Located north of Victoria (Labuan) in the southeastern corner on Labuan Island, parallel to the coast. Located off Borneo. Also known as "Labuan Island Airfield".

Wartime History
Occupied by the Japanese.

Japanese Units based at Labuan
83rd Sentai (Ki-51 & Ki-45s)
34th Sentai (Ki-48s)
89th Dokuritsu Chutai (Ki-51) 1945
89th Dokuritsu Chutai (Ki-54) 1945

American missions against Labuan
December 10, 1944 - June 18, 1945

During June 1945, liberated by the Australian Army. Repaired for use by Allied aircraft.

Japanese aircraft captured at Labuan
During June 1945, Labuan was littered with the wreckage of Japanese aircraft that were abandoned or disabled on the ground.

On September 10, 1945, a Ki-54c Hickory painted in surrender markings transported the Japanese surrender delegation to Labuan Airfield. Also, a Ki-21 Sally "Tokyo Rose". Both aircraft remained at the airfield until flown to Australia during early 1946.

Ki-51 Sonia Tail 251-16
Abandoned at the airfield until the 1970s, possibly one of the Ki-51s surveyed during the war.

Used by the RAAF and RAF for decades afterwards.

Still in use today. Airport code LBU.

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