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Japanese missions against Nanchang and Nanchang Airfield

July 18, 1938
(IJN) Type 96 D1A1 carrier bombers from the 15th Kokutai attack Ching Yun Pu Airfield at Nanchang. Type 96 D1A1 carrier bomber tail 10-235, the No.2 aircraft of the 32nd Shotai of the 1st Kanbaku Chutai, 15th Kokutai flown by PO3c Hamaue strafed the airfield and set two SB-2 bombers on fire. Its guns then jammed and the Hamaue landed on Ching Yun Pu runway and taxied to the eastern end of the airfield, got out and climbed into an SB-2 and retrieved two drum magazines from the Degtyaryov DA-2 machine gun before setting fire to to it. Before taking off, the crew destroyed an I-15bis parked near the SB-2. Dring this battle, the fighter group leader of the 15th Kokuta Comander Mochifumi Nango, was killed when his A5M collided with an I-15bis flown by a Soviet volunteer. Two I-15bis from the Chinese 3rd Pursuit Group shot down "10-236", the lead aircraft of the 33rd Shotai and damaged "10-239" the No.2 which ditched in Lake Poyang. A Japanese destroyer picked up the crew. Thanks to Raymond Cheung for additional information.

American missions against Nanchang and Nanchang Airfield
July 1, 1942 - August 2, 1945

July 3, 1942
(10th AF) Aircraft bomb and strafe Nanchang Airfield, the probable base of the preceding night's raiders on Hengyang; several parked aircraft are destroyed.

August 11, 1942
(10th AF) P-40s hit Yoyang Airfield and Nanchang Airfield from which the enemy has been attacking Hengyang

September 2, 1942
(10th AF) P-40s hit the runways at Nanchang Airfield.

June 13, 1943
(10th AF) 11 B-25's supported by 14 P-40's, bomb hangars and the depot area at Nanchang Airfield.

June 14, 1943
(10th AF) Eight P-40's intercept about 8 bombers and 20 fighters 25 mi (40 km) SW of Nanchang. The P-40's claim 7 fighters shot down.

June 17, 1943
(10th AF) P-40's strafe a train N of Nanchang.

December 11, 1943
(10th AF) Nine P-40's intercept about 30 Japanese airplanes over Nanchang shortly after the enemy force bombs Suichwan; the P-40's claim 10 aircraft shot down.

January 22, 1944
(10th AF) 11 P-40's and 5 P-51's strafe the newly opened Nanchang Airfield, killing about 20 troops and destroying an airplane and a truck

February 29, 1944
(10th AF) Fighters hit barracks NW of Nanchang. 4 P-40s hit a barracks west of Nanchang.

March 1, 1944
(10th AF) 14 B-25s and 16 P-40s pound a military zone in the NE part of Nanchang.

March 2, 1944
(10th AF) 10 P-38s damage 2 bridges and strafe 2 barracks areas N of Nanchang

March 10, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s and P-51s hit Nanchang Airfield and barracks

March 19, 1944
(10th AF) 2 B-25s, 9 P-38s and 3 P-51s bomb Nanchang Airfield.

March 27, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s, P-38s, and P-51s pound Nanchang Airfield.

March 29, 1944
(10th AF) 12 P-40s and 3 P-51s attack the railroad station area at Nanchang, causing much damage to buildings and yards; the fighter-bombers also strafe Nanchang Airfield and attack a nearby bridge.

April 6, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s from Suichwan pound a barrack SW of Nanchang, causing heavy damage

April 28, 1944
(10th AF) 18 P-40s, P-38s, and P-51s strafe Nanchang barracks.

May 6, 1944
(10th AF) Main buildings at Nanchang mines are destroyed

May 22, 1944
(10th AF) 22 P-51s pound the town of Anking and military area NE of Nanchang

May 27, 1944
(10th AF) 24 rocket-firing P-40s hit the barracks area W of Sinyang, military installations and trucks at Nanchang.

May 29, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s and P-38s bomb and strafe the general area at Nanchang

May 30, 1944
(10th AF) 16 P-38s and P-51s dive-bomb installations at the W end of the Nanchang bridge, causing much damage

May 31, 1944
(10th AF) 10 P-38s bomb the bridge and warehouse area at Nanchang

August 3, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s on armed reconnaissance hit Nanchang

August 13, 1944
(10th AF) P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s attack Nanchang

April 7, 1945
(10th AF) 14 B-25s hit Nanchang

July 11, 1945
(10th AF) 25 P-51s and P-40s hit Nanchang.

July 12, 1945
(10th AF) P-51s and P-38s hit Nanchang.

August 10, 1945
(10th AF) B-25s and P-51s hit AA positions at Nanchang

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