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    Hankow Airfield (Hankou, Wang Jia Dun, 漢口) Hubei Province China

Lat 114°16'0" Long 30°34'0"  Located at Hankow (Hankou) on the west bank of the Yangtze, north of the Hanshui River. The airfield was built on the Wang Family Compound.

Hankow Airfield was called Wang Chia-tun (王家墩) meaning "Wang Family Compound" or "Wang Jia Dun" in Pinyi.

Wartime History
During the Second Sino-Japanese War, Hankow Airfield was used by the Chinese Air Force (CAF). On May 20, 1938 six TB-3 heavy bombers in Chinese markings manned by Soviet air crews took off from Hankow Airfield on a mission to overfly Japan, dropping propaganda leaflets and taking photographs. The bombers flew over Fukuoka, Nagasaki (photographing Battleship Musashi under construction) and Sasebo. Afterwards, all land safely at Hankow Airfield.

Later, occupied by the Japanese until the end of the Pacific War.

This airfield was closed in 1948. It was used as a fuel depot until 1953.

Japanese Units based at Hankow
25th Sentai (Ki-43, Ki-84) - September 1945
59th Sentai (Ki-27) November 1938 - September 1939 Saienjo

Wang Jia Dun was expanded into Hankow Airport (Hankow City Airport) AIrport code ICAO WJD) and remained in use until 2007 when the Wuhan Tian-he Airport was enlarged to become Tian-he International Airport.

With two airfields in Wuchang, the original airfield was referred to as the Nan-hu Airfield. This was expanded into a commercial airport in the 1950's and remained in use until Wuhan Tian-he Airport was completed in 1995.

The JAAF used Wuchang extensively during WWII (it was expanded to include two concrete runways: one 1,550m long running north-south and the other 1,450m long running east-west. The heavy raid by the 14th AF on Hankow and Wuchang occurred on Jan. 14, 1945. The 48th and 25th Sentai suffered heavy losses including Lt. Hazawa, Iwataro, who was shot down and killed by Mustangs of the 118th TRS, 23rd FG.

American missions against Hankow
July 1, 1942 - August 2, 1945

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