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Consolidated PBY Catalina (PB2B, PBV)
Listing by uniit. Note: Some aircraft served in several different BGs, and are listed twice.
See also OA-10 Catalina USAAF version of the PBY Calalina

List by U. S. Registration
PBY "Guba" NC 777 (Guba I)  sold to the Soviet Union, ultimate fate unknown
PBY "Guba" NC 777 (Guba II)  sold to the United Kingdom, ultimate fate unknown

List by USN Bureau Number
PBY 1229  pilot Tills sunk December 8, 1941
PBY 1230   sunk December 8, 1941
PBY 2302  damaged, abandoned January 25, 1942
PBY 2303  ultimate fate unknown, likely scrapped or otherwise disappeared
PBY 2304  damaged February 5, 1942
PBY 2306  pilot Moorer shot down February 19, 1942
PBY 2309
 pilot Moorer crashed February 5, 1942
PBY 2451 destroyed December 7, 1941
PBY 2357 sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2359 sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2361 sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2362 sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2363  sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2364  sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2365  sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2369  sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 04469  pilot Raithel crashed August 25, 1942
PBY 05028  displayed NMNA
PBY 08078  pilot ? force landed June 5, 1943
PBY "Arkansas Traveler" 08139  pilot Gordon MOH February 14, 1944
PBY 08246  pilot Allen crashed July 12, 1943
PBY 08253  pilot Lt(jg) Plank abandoned on October 15, 1943
PBY 08283  lost November 27, 1944
PBY 08136  pilot Lyons crashed March 24, 1943
PBY 08317  displayed at National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA)
PBY 08377  pilot Marlin crashed January 5, 1944
PBY 08388  pilot Mooney crashed November 19, 1943
PBY 08428  pilot Arbuckle ditched November 22, 1943 crew POW one survived war
PBY 08432  lost January 6, 1944
PBY 08436  pilot Wright MIA January 9, 1944 five crew POWs, fates unknown
PBY 08458  crashed November 8, 1943
PBY Kaneohe sunk December 7, 1941
PBY 2487  crashed April 5, 1942 at night hitting a hillside near Makapu'u while landing
PBY 46466  registered VH-WWB sunk June 16, 1957
PBY 46491  (Catalina A24-92) assigned to the RAAF, postwar transfered to N.E.I. as P223
PBY 46539  displayed Indonesian Air Force Museum
PBY 46595  restored as OA-10 "Snafu Snatchers" 43-3879
PBY 46624  displayed RAAF Association of WA Aviation Heritage Centre, Bull Creek, WA
PBY 48259 pilot Burkhardt crashed March 8, 1944
PBY 48294  owned by Gerald Yagen
PBY 48368  displayed at Australia's Museum of Flight
PBY 46644  displayed Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach, Queensland
PBY 46679  owned by HARS, restored as Catalina "Felix" A24-362


List by Dutch Navy Serial Number
PBY 28-5MNE-44  pilot W. Robinson shot down February 25, 1942
PBY 28-5MNE-42  pilot J. Robinson shot down February 25, 1942


List by RAAF Serial Number
Catalina A24-1  pilot Bolitho crashed August 30, 1945
Catalina A24-2  sold December 8, 1947 and scrapped afterwards
Catalina A24-3  strafed/sunk February 28, 1942
Catalina A24-5  strafed/sunk April 24, 1942
Catalina A24-6  strafed/sunk February 28, 1942
Catalina A24-7  damaged January 23, 1942
Catalina A24-8  pilot Thompson crashed January 21, 1942
Catalina A24-9  pilot Hutchinson shot down January 21, 1942
Catalina A24-10  scrapped 1950
Catalina A24-11  pilot Davies crashed January 12, 1942
Catalina A24-12
Catalina A24-15  pilot Sloan crashed December 8, 1941
Catalina A24-18  pilot Norman shot down May 4, 1942
Catalina A24-20  pilot Hemsworth shot down May 6, 1942
Catalina A24-25 crashed February 28, 1943
Catalina A24-30  displayed at Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum
Catalina A24-34  pilot Todd ditched February 7, 1944 six crew POW, one survived
Catalina A24-39  pilot Higgins crashed May 24, 1943
Catalina A24-44  ultimate fate unknown
Catalina A24-45  pilot Temperley crashed July 20, 1944
Catalina "Maggie" A24-49  pilot Rose crashed April 28, 1944
Catalina A24-53  missing April 21, 1944
Catalina A24-64  pilot Roberts missing December 14, 1944
Catalina A24-65  fate unknown
Catalina A24-69  (Bu No 34055) destroyed December 17, 1945
Catalina A24-88  (Bu No 48352) displayed at Moorabbin Museum
Catalina A24-92  (Bu No 46491) postwar transfered to N.E.I. as P223
Catalina A24-104  (Bu No 46594) stricken August 21, 1956
PB2B-1 Catalina VI
Catalina A24-206  sunk June 20, 1945
PB2B-2 Catalina VI
Catalina A24-362  sold postwar
Catalina A24-378  postwar to Qantas, wrecked June 24, 1949
Catalina A24-381  crashed September 28, 1948

Catalina A24-385  displayed at Powerhouse Museum

List by RNZAF Serial Number
PBY NZ4007  scrapped 1952
PBY NZ4013  sunk October 11, 1944
PBY NZ4020  written off June 18, 1945
PB2B NZ4051


List by RAF Serial Number
PBY VA718  pilot Park grounded September 16, 1944


Canadian Vickers built PBV-1A Canso
List by RCAF Serial Number
PBV 11007 pilot Scholes force landed February 8, 1945
PBV CV592 displayed at RNZAF Museum
PBV CV369 restored as PBY A24-104, displayed at RAAF Musuem Point Cook
PBV CV465  bulit for US Navy, later to USAAF as OA-10


Other Known Wrecks
PBY force landed Dago Lake (Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum)
PBY sunk at Roebuck Bay
PBY crashed Graciosa Bay
PBY crashed Graciosa Bay 2
PBY crashed Kiska (find BuNu)
PBY sunk off Biak
PBY sunk off Napa Napa (either A24-3 or A24-6)
PBY sunk off Broome
PBY crashed near Sitka
PBY crashed at Catalina


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