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Bell P-400 Airacobra
See also P-39 Airacobra

List by Serial Number
P-400 AP266  pilot Zabel crashed November 1, 1942 remains recovered 1991, case resolved 1999
P-400 AP267  pilot Casey missing February 25, 1943
P-400 AP290  pilot Dore shot down August 2, 1942
P-400 AP330  abandoned at 7 Mile Drome near Port Moresby, likely scrapped or otherwise disappeared.
P-400 AP335  pilot Van Patton force landed August 3, 1943
P-400 AP347  pilot Huff force landed August 15, 1942
P-400 AP357  pilot Brewer crashed July 13, 1943
P-400 AP359  pilot Potts MIA September 6, 1942
P-400 AP361  pilot Green crashed June 18, 1942
P-400 AP367  pilot Ingram MIA November 1, 1942
P-400 AP375  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
P-400 AP378  pilot Angier force landed July 4, 1942
P-400 "The Flaming Arrow" BW102  pilot by Jones
P-400 BW105  pilot Hill MIA November 22, 1942
P-400 BW112  pilot Rogers crashed August 26, 1942
P-400 BW117  pilot Gignac force landed July 11, 1942
P-400 BW114  loaned to the RAAF damaged February 10, 1943 written off
P-400 BW117  pilot Gignac force landed July 11, 1942
P-400 BW174  pilot Harries ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
P-400 BW157  abandoned at Henderson Field
P-400 BW176  ultimate fate unknown, likely scrapped
P-400 BX146  pilot Helveston crashed September 1, 1942
P-400 BX147  pilot Cobb crashed August 31, 1942
P-400 BX169  pilot Rauch crashed June 18, 1942
P-400 BX180  pilot Marlott crashed July 4, 1942
P-400 BX232  pilot Hague shot down August 2, 1942
Other Known Aircraft
P-400 piloted by Cantello  crashed June 8, 1942
P-400 piloted by Wahl  force landed June 9, 1942
P-400 Nose 54  pilot Kirtland MIA July 11, 1942
P-400 piloted by Barr  ditched October 15, 1942
P-400 piloted Latane  crashed February 9, 1943 (might be Nose 94)
P-400 Nose 94  pilot Latane
P-400 "Poison"  pilot Faurot
P-400 piloted by Cottam  MIA July 23, 1942
P-400 piloted by Hunter  crashed July 22, 1942 prisoner, executed

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