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Aeronca TC Chief, Aeronca L-3, Piper L-4, Stinson L-5
Known aircraft


Aeronca TC Chief
Aeronca 65 TC Chief NC33768  in flight during December 7, 1941

Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper
None profiled.

Piper L-4 Cub
L-4 "Me 2"  operated from Hollandia 1944
L-4 abandoned Plaine Des Gaiacs  abandoned in boneyard
L-4A piloted by Heyer
 crashed September 2, 1943
L-4A piloted by Perkins  pilot Perkins crashed April 29, 1945
L-4A 43-29071  pilot Piotrowski crashed February 7, 1944
L-4B 43-1137  pilot Banks crashed November 16-17, 1942
L-4B 43-1182  taxi accident August 6, 1942

Stinson L-5 Sentinel
L-5 42-98066  pilot Salternik crashed February 16, 1944
L-5 42-98072  pilot ? crashed June 16, 1944
L-5 "Termite" 42-98085  pilot Nichols crashed February 21, 1944
L-5 "Gayle Ann" 42-98758  operated in Mindano
L-5 42-99129  loaned to Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
L-5 42-99451  operated in New Guinea
L-5 piloted by Stalone  pilot Stalone crashed February 16, 1944
L-5 "Sport"  restored in Australia
L-5 piloted by Mueller  crashed December 17, 1943
L-5 piloted by Dunham crashed October 23, 1943
L-5B 42-99639 under restoration at Precision Aerospace

Convair OY-1 Sentinel
OY-1 Sentinel 60507  restored to flying condition painted in the markings of L-5 "Gayle Ann" 42-98758

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