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Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony
Listing by uniit. Note: Some aircraft served in several different BGs, and are listed twice.

List by Manufacture Number
Ki-61 131  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 175  built February 1943 abandoned at Hansa Bay before June 24, 1944 ATIU investigated
Ki-61 177  built February 1943 Wewak, MN noted by Charles Darby
Fitted with tailplane of #367 and left lower u/c door of #278. [No. '347' painted in] vermillion on main u/c doors
Ki-61 183  captured at Lae Airfield
Ki-61 195  abandoned Borpop Airfield
Ki-61 239  crashed July 24, 1943 near Asaloka
Ki-61 244  built April 1943, Captured at Lae, ATIU - tail number unknown
Ki-61 263  captured Cape Gloucester Airfield salvaged and restored at Eagle Farm
Ki-61 276  built May 1943, Captured at Lae ATIU, no tail section
KI-61 278  left lower u/c door on Ki-61 347
Ki-61 292  abandoned Alexishafen, Classic Jet Fighter Museum
Ki-61 299  abandoned Alexishafen, salvaged by the RAAF 1984 to PNG Museum, displayed Precision Aerospace
Ki-61 347  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-61 356  abandoned Hansa Bay
Ki-61 369  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 373  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 379  force landed Cape Wom, recovered 1973, stored Fantasy of Flight
Ki-61 388  force landed Madang Province
Ki-61 367  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 369  built July 1943, Abandoned Wewak / Darby Orange-red horizontal bar at 2/3 fin height [from horizontal stab].
Ki-61 395  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 401  built July 1943. Derelict at Hansa Bay before 24 June 1944 TAIC investigated
Ki-61 484  abandoned Alexishafen
Ki-61 521  abandoned Alexishafen
Ki-61 640  force Landed near Nuku, PNG Museum, restoration Precision Aero
Ki-61 7??  salvaged 1991 to USA then Russia
Ki-61 883  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-61 966  abandoned Sentai Drome, evaluated by TIAC
Ki-61 985  abandoned Sentai Drome, evaluated by TIAC
Ki-61-II Kai
Ki-61 3010  crashed Umboi Island, evaluated by TIAC
Ki-61 5070  displayed at Yokota Air Base

Other Known Aircraft
Ki-61 Alexishafen roadside  possibly Ki-61 347, 484 or 521
Ki-61 Alexishafen inland  possibly Ki-61 347, 484 or 521
Ki-61 Alexishafen trees  possibly Ki-61 347, 484 or 521
Ki-61 abandoned Babo runway  scrapped or otherwise removed
Ki-61 abandoned Babo runway (No. 2)  whereabouts unknown
Ki-61 ditched off Finschafen
Ki-61 crashed near Hansa Bay
Ki-61 crashed Bougainville
Ki-61 ditched off Muschu Island
Ki-61 at Tadji
Ki-61 crashed Goroka
Ki-61 crashed Bena Bena  crashed July 24, 1943
Ki-61 piloted by Tahata  crashed December 22, 1943
Ki-61 piloted by Motoyama  crashed December 22, 1943
Ki-61 piloted by Takatsuki
 crashed December 22, 1943

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