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Kawasaki Ki-45 (Nick) Type 2 Two-Seat Fighter
Listing by uniit. Note: Some aircraft served in several different BGs, and are listed twice.

List by Manufacture Number
Ki-45 237  Captured at Cape Gloucester Airfield
Ki-45 1023  Captured at Cape Gloucester Airfield
Ki-45 1024  Captured at Cape Gloucester Airfield
Ki-45 3116  Built at Kawasaki Akashi Words during January 1944
Ki-45 4065  Built Kawasaki Akashi Words during June 1944
Ki-45 4067  Pilot 4067 crashed January 27, 1945

Other Known Aircraft & Wrecks
Ki-45 Boram  Wreckage only
Ki-45 Clark Field  One of forty-five captured at Clark Field
Ki-45 Lautem disabled or crash landed at Lautem Airfield
Ki-45 Mindiri  crashed onto hillside
Ki-45 Sepik  wreckage only
Ki-45 Kai Hai  displayed at NASM Udvar-Hazy Center
Ki-45 piloted by Takada  crashed May 27, 1944
Ki-45 piloted by Nobe  ramming August 20, 1944
Ki-45 piloted by Yamada  ramming February 19, 1945

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