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Mitsubishi Type 97 Bomber Ki-21 (Sally)
Known wrecks by manufacture number and other sites.

List by Manufacture Number
Ki-21 120  Built during May 1938
Ki-21 crashed Mongolia  shot down during June - August 1939
Ki-21 2001  Built during July 1939
Ki-21 1242  Abandoned at Lakunai
Ki-21 1282  Abandoned at Lakunai
Ki-21 3231  Hanesavo Island, crashed April 7, 1943 evaluated by ATIU SU 1813
Ki-21 4262  Crashed January 1945, evaluated by ATIU, rediscovered 2005
Ki-21 4304  Crashed off Munda, ATIU investigation
Ki-21 4318  Captured at Lae
Ki-21 4335  force landed at Ballale Airfield
Ki-21 4370  Built early April 1942, ATIU Hollandia
Ki-21 4403  abandoned at Alexishafen (have photos)
Ki-21 4421  abandoned at Alexishafen
Ki-21 4436  Built middle June 1943 ATIU Foul Point, Burma
Ki-21 4492  Built late July 1943, ATIU Kungyang, Yunnan, China
Ki-21 4501  abandoned at Alexishafen
Ki-21 6201  Abandoned at Rapopo
Ki-21 6233  abandoned at Kamiri Airfield
Ki-21 6235  Built January 1943 investigated by ATIU
Ki-21 6250  Built January 1943 investigated by ATIU
Ki-21 6081  Built July 1942, ATIU Nalianala, Bengal, India
Ki-21 6087  Built late July 1942 ATIU Boltali, Bengal, India
Ki-21 6100  Built early August 1942 ATIU Lemua, India
Ki-21 6205  Built early December 1942 ATIU Kapchi, China
Ki-21 6233  Built early January 1943, assessed as unservicable as of late April 1944 ATIU Kamiri Airfield
Ki-21 6235  Built early January 1943, ATIU Dinjan, Assam, India
Ki-21 6250  Built late January 1943 ATIU, 2 miles north of Feni Airfield East Bengal, India
Ki-21 6270  Built middle February 1943 ATIU Baghmara
Ki-21 6323  crashed November 7, 1943 north of Nadzab
Ki-21 6336  abandoned at Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-21 6341  Built middle April 1943, crashed 15 miles east of Kunming, China
Ki-21 6377  abandoned at Alexishafen (have photos)
Ki-21 6382  abandoned at Alexishafen (have photos)
Ki-21 6519  abandoned at Kamiri Airfield
Ki-21 6580  Built late March 1944, crashed October 24, 1944 ATIU Cabacungan, Leyte

Other Known Wrecks
Ki-21 at Alexishafen  Abandoned at Alexishafen, scrapped
Ki-21 at Hollandia
 Tail has manufacture numbers 4104 and 4484
Ki-21 at Babo  Center section only
Ki-21 at Dagua  Wreckage only
Ki-21 at Lakunai  Disabled at Lakunai
Ki-21 at Lakunai 2  Disabled at Lakunai, center section only
Ki-21 at Masahet  Crash site
Ki-21 Bismarck Sea  Shot down by 17th TRG B-25
Ki-21 at Sule  tail wreckage only abandoned
Ki-21 at Thailand  crashed near the border of present day Thailand and Burma
Ki-21 at Yontan  force landed May 24, 1945
Ki-21 aka "Tokyo Rose"  surrendered to the Australian Army at Labuan, flown to Australia, scrapped

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May 22, 2017

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